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  • Wii U + Nintendo 3DS
    Nintendo Holiday Gift Guide 2014
    Do you have a Wii U or 3DS-owning loved one on your gift list this holiday season, or are you perhaps looking at the prospect or purchasing some Nintendo gaming hardware for yourself or your family? Good news: There has never been a better time to...
  • DanceDanceRevolution in action
    Wii exergaming features how to set up your DDR game for beginners
    DanceDanceRevolution is one of the best exergames ever invented. Sadly, many people will look at that game and walk away. It is one of the most intimidating video games because this game is not easy to learn. It takes lots of practice for a newbie...
  • Nintendo 64
    10 Nintendo Games that desperately need a remake
    Is Nintendo the Godfather of video game development? Most critics would agree. Since the Early 1980's, Nintendo has been hard at work on developing classic and memorable titles for their dedicated hardware. Systems like the Nintendo 64 and...
  • Teach Math with the Wii
    Review: Teach Math with the Wii
    Acknowledgement: This Examiner received a Preview Copy/Not for Sale/Uncorrected Sample of Teach Math with the Wii after contacting author Matthew C. Winner.Video gaming is often blamed as a cause of sedentary behavior and as a contributor to the...
  • Nintendo WFC Logo
    Nintendo Wii and DS wifi: a retrospective
    Earlier last month, Nintendo decided to cut off its wireless capabilities to their legacy console and handheld, the Nintendo Wii and DS respectively after nearly a decade of operation. This move, unfortunately, meant that various titles...
  • DanceDanceRevolution DDR
    Preparing for a Wii exergaming demonstration
    When planning a Wii exergaming demonstration it is important that the presenter is prepared. What should you consider when creating your plan?Because exergaming is still in beta-testing mode, the following suggestions are general guidelines. If...
  • Sadness Wii screenshot
    Update: 'Sadness' is no longer vaporware, coming to Wii U
    Update:The tragic saga that is Nibris' Sadness continues. Both HullBreach Studios and Cthulhi Games, who told Nintendo Life during yesterday's interview that they plan on bringing the canceled Wii game back to life, have stated that they...
  • Rosalina's story
    A look at Rosalina from 'Super Mario Galaxy'
    Nintendo may be known for creating some of the most iconic characters in gaming, but their Super Mario Bros. franchise has never been one to offer an in-depth look at these characters or their motivations. Super Mario Galaxy offered a refreshing...
  • SNFFC health fair setup
    Recap of Wii exergaming station at health fair
    How to set up at a health fair requires the careful planning of a Wii exergaming expert. Many health fairs consist of a number of tables staffed by folks sitting or standing awaiting your inquiries. A Wii exergaming station is a lot more exciting...
  • Wii Fit Plus calendar for March 2014
    Track your steps and waist size with Wii Fit Plus
    If you haven't spent quality time with Wii Fit Plus, you may have missed some of its features such as tracking the number of steps you take and your waist measurements.
  • Wii Fit Plus challenges your balance with these exergames
    Wii Fit Plus and balance games
    Tucked inside Wii Fit Plus limitless mini-exergames is a series of challenging balance games. This is one of the main reasons to upgrade to Wii Fit Plus if you still have the original version.WEE tips Pay special attention to your form and...
  • MHTri
    'Monster Hunter Tri' for the Wii, too easy?
    The Monster Hunter series has always been well known for the challenge as well as its intricacy. The point of the game is just as the title describes- to hunt monsters- and sometimes you get way more than you bargain for! As enticing as just this...
  • Wii exergamers proceed with caution
    Wii exergamers proceed with caution
    After numerous injuries sustained researching Wii exergaming, this author exhorts all exergamers to proceed with caution."But it's only a video game"The Wii console and exergames are constantly approached as if anyone can try it once...
  • Wii Fit Plus features many exercises that are not for the beginner
    Exergaming: The next big fitness trend?
    As if! Considered the 'orphaned' child of the health and wellness industry, no one claims to be a parent of exergaming on the fitness side of the railroad tracks. Most leading fitness industry professionals aren't even familiar with...
  • Statistics logged by Wii Fit Plus reflect WEE's experience
    Wii needs a WEE makeover
    So, when’s the last time you played Wii? If you are like many of the millions of people who flocked to purchase this innovative system in 2006, your $300 Wii system is sitting collecting dust. It’s understandable though, and it’s...