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  • Go By Truck
    Interview: Can Go By Truck spread free markets across America?
    "I am looking to network with a few other libertarian entrepreneur-minded individuals here in Dallas," Go By Truck Shipper Solutions Expert Matthew Bellue and member of The Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs told Dallas Libertarian...
  • Women excel at the trait of decision making - ideal for truck drivers
    Woman keep on Truckin’ in 2015
    Following is the Radio Q&A from Tracey andTom Bigbee [LIVE show] "Woman's Month" @AmericasTrknNet @700wlw @Willie700WLW Midnight EST - 9pm PST March 14 2015.MARCH IS WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH and time to Woman...
  • Trucking
    Should I Keep on Truckin’?
    Career advice for truck driversBackground: High Demand profession- Truck driver shortage expected to continue to peak in 2015.
  • food waste
    Food waste problem addressed by smartphone app
    Non-profit organizations devoted to more equitable food distibution, like others, have difficulty staying on the minds of potential donors after the giving binge brought by the holidays. As said on TV, "There's an app for that."In...
  • Platooning trucks
    New technology makes truck driving easier and safer
    ‘Accident is just a word until it happens’ is a warning often seen on roadside signs, while collision centers claim ’We take the dent out of accident’.Humans, including drivers, are prone to make mistakes. Mistakes in...
  • Apple Pie Moonshine CD
    Amazing Talents of the Professional Truck Driver
    Thanks to movies during the seventies and eighties, the general public continues to see the professional truck driver as the loud-mouthed, chain-smoking, dirty scoundrel of the highways; bellowing down the road preying on the poor four-wheelers...
  • Truck Drivers Constant Battle for Safe Operation
    Truck Drivers Constant Battle for Safe Operation
    Professional truck drivers have become accustomed to being the target of continual federal regulations relating to the safe operation of a commercial motor vehicle. As trucking safety groups join forces with the Federal Motor Carrier...
  • Women in Trucking
    Women in Trucking
    Sitting in a truck stop looking at the people makes one think about the demographics of trucking. Why are there so many men and so few women? In 2009, the census bureau reported that the percentage of drivers that are women was 5.2%. Ellen Voie...
  • TCRG Consulting, LLC
    TDSMC Speaker Launches Trucking Industry Compliance Service
    Well known trucking regulatory specialist and consultant, Richard Wilson has announced the opening of TCRG Consulting, LLC which is based out of Greenwood, Delaware.As President/CEO and Consulting Manager, Mr. Wilson has over 30 years experience...
  • Truck Parking Survey
    Truck Parking Survey Reaches 1800 Responses in First Week
    A National Truck Parking Survey headed by the original crusader for Jason’s Law, Hope Rivenburg, is underway, measuring and interpreting data collected from professional truck drivers regarding the availability of safe truck parking. The...
  • Hope Rivenburg
    Widow of slain trucker continues crusade for safe truck parking
    It has been just over four years since the fatal shooting of Schoharie County, NY truck driver Jason Rivenburg who had parked to rest at an abandoned gas station in South Carolina before his early morning delivery. Parking in such places as...
  • Department of Labor
    DOL judge orders Cargo Express to reinstate driver and pay damages
    In a decision issued April 1, 2013, Judge Lee J. Romero, Jr., an administrative law judge of the U. S. Department of Labor has ordered Cargo Express, Inc., a Boise, Idaho motor carrier to reinstate a former driver and pay him back pay and punitive...
  • Jim Bouchard
    Jim Bouchard keynote speaker for Trucking Social Media Convention
    The 2013 Trucking Social Media Convention has reserved Jim Bouchard as a keynote speaker for the October event, in which this year's theme is: "Inspired People Generate Positive Action."As a former drug user and self-proclaimed...
  • Jasmine "Jazzy" Jordan
    Catching up with Jazzy Jordan
    It has been nearly three years since Jasmine "Jazzy" Jordan completed her run across America to benefit the nation's truck drivers through the St. Christopher Truckers Development Relief Fund.Beginning in Los Angeles and ending at...
  • Grass not always greener on the other side
    Truck driver jobs: grass not always greener on other side
    As past truck driver turnover rates have maintained levels well above the 100% mark as well as having seen the rate with some carriers above 200%, any dip in the rate is seen by the industry as a cause for celebration.In previous years, this...
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