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  • New York Knickerbockers season gets underway tonight
    New era begins tonight with small expectations for Knicks and the triangle
    Phil Jackson was officially hired back in March to be the new team president of the New York Knicks, but the era of the Zen master officially begins tonight at Madison Square Garden.The Knickerbockers will begin their 2014-15 season this evening...
  • Tim Hardaway JR. leads the team in scoring
    Triangle a work in progress as Knicks lose in Derek Fisher's debut as coach
    It wasn't the kind of coaching debut that Derek Fisher had hoped for.In the team's preseason opener, the Knickerbockers played sloppy on both sides of the ball in a 106-86 loss to the Boston Celtics at the XL Center in Hartford, CT.&ldquo...
  • Amanda Levy
    Levy, Barber named First Tee Scholars
    A pair of Triangle high school students were named First Tee Scholars recently, making them eligible for college financial assistance through the junior golf program.Amanda Levy and Vance Barber are among 102 scholars chosen nationally through the...
  • 8 must-try dishes in the Triangle
    8 must-try dishes in the Triangle
    If you think you have eaten it all in the Triangle, think again. Here are eight must-try dishes in the Triangle.
  • Spiritual Symbols: Triangles
    Spiritual Symbols: The Triangle
    When I find myself doodling, I first tend to doodle something that my sisters and I refer to as the family cat, followed by a sun, flowers, and a little house. And then I start drawing triangles--lots of them. Big ones, little ones, right side up...
  • Triangle
    Triangle part 12: More mess
    In every direction we turn in Triangle, we find another problem. Here are some we have not yet mentioned:Downy's body is tossed into the ocean by one Jess, and seen there by another; but this happens after time has reset, and so it is afloat...
  • SAS
    It's official; SAS is the best place to work in the world
    Triangle area residents already know that they live in the best place in the country; now, it is also the best place to work -- if you work at SAS. The Cary-based company has been ranked No. 1 among World's Best Multinational Workplaces list...
  • Triangle
    Triangle part 11: Divergent dimensions
    Initially it appears that the problems in Triangle might be resolved by taking advantage of divergent dimension theory and of a particular problem which in this case becomes a feature. If we assume that our time traveler who traveled from eleven...
  • Triangle
    Triangle part 10: Suicide
    Before the movie is over, Jess kills herself. However, she does not kill her self, in the usual sense. Rather, her older self kills her younger self.This immediately and directly creates a grandfather paradox, without the intervention of the...
  • Triangle
    Triangle part 9: Toward infinity
    It is not clear exactly how many times Jess has boarded Triangle. We counted at least sixteen bodies of Sally, as many lockets, and perhaps twenty-five notes. What is clear as she boards Triangle again at the end of the film is that before she...
  • Triangle
    Triangle part 8: Birds and pendants
    We counted about eighteen lockets, about twenty-five copies of the note, and at least sixteen bodies of Sally on the upper deck, and thus we conclude that the loop has been repeating at least twenty-some times. However, it seems to be a loop...
  • Triangle
    Triangle part 7: Little mistakes
    We noted last time that there was a further complication with the locket; there are a few other little problems that are very difficult to resolve.The locket catches her eye because it is caught on the grate, dangling where it will dance in the...
  • Triangle UFO escorted by black helicopters
    Triangle UFO escorted by black helicopters
    A recent report from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) describes a black triangle that was possibly being pursued or escorted by black helicopters. The incident occurred over Ronkonkoma, NY at approximately 6:50PM on the 17th of October.According to...
  • Triangle
    Triangle part 6: Out of ammo
    There is a peculiarity that catches our attention. In each iteration of the loop, the Jess on her second time through takes a shotgun and some shells, and the Jess on her third time through also takes a shotgun, shells, two ammo bags, and a jacket...
  • Triangle
    Triangle part 5: Watch the time
    One of the more difficult problems in Triangle is the issue of the clocks. When they reach the ballroom, perhaps fifteen minutes or so after boarding the ship, Greg says that according to his watch it is 11:30; that the ballroom wall clock says 8...