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  • "Cold Justice" S03E07
    TNT 'Cold Justice' 2008 happy 'Little League Dad' bludgeoned to death
    "Cold Justice" (TNT) aired Friday evenings at 8/7 p.m. The third TV season ran 8 episodes from Jan. 9 to March 3, 2015. According to "TV by the numbers" which tracks network & cable TV ratings. "Cold Justice"...
  • Rock 'n Road 43mm x 700C tire
    Bruce Gordon's Rock 'n Road 43mm x 700C bicycle tire review
    As an all-round tire for dirt and asphalt riding, Bruce Gordon’s Rock 'n Road is hard to beat. The tire was designed by early mountain bike ace Joe Murray back in the 1980s, and in recent years the Petaluma-based Bruce Gordon Cycles has...
  • US Airways Flight 1702
    US Airways Flight 1702: US Airways jet blows tire on takeoff, skids off runway
    US Airways Flight 1702 was forced to abort its takeoff Thursday night from Philadelphia International Airport after the front nose gear collapsed from a tire blowout. The flight was carrying 149 passengers and five crew members. Two passengers...
  • How to fix a tire
    How to fix a tire
    Fixing a flat tire on your own can be a good way to save money over buying a brand new tire. It’s possible to save hundreds of dollars by repairing tires on your own.What Not to FixBefore starting to fix your tire, it is important to first...
  • Necklacing
    Dark story from crime writer
    "Close to the Bone" (HarperCollins, $24.99), by Stuart MacBride, sees the return of Detective Sergeant Logan McRae in the eighth installment of this popular crime series.McRae already has more trouble than he needs. He has to oversee s...
  • Tire
    Don't take your tire pressure for granted
    When it comes to tires, there are a lot of ways to maintain and extend the life of them. The most important thing that we can do ourselves is often the most neglected. A tire is a round rubber tube that when inflated, carries the weight of your...
  • Car tire
    Tire safety: A simple way to keep the roads safe
    With many years of experience in this field you come across a lot of upset customers when it comes to tires. How can you blame them though? It seems like they don’t last as long and are more expensive than they used to be. No one enjoys...
  • Rubber
    Why go see ‘Rubber’? No reason
    To say there is “no reason” to see Rubber is not the same as saying the Theater-of-the-Absurd-influenced schlock-o-thon should be avoided.If you happen to find yourself in a dark theatre watching images of a sentient, ambulatory tire,...
  • Ruber
    Rubber - absurdist view of short tempered tire. Is there any other kind?
    Early on in 'Rubber,' the Sheriff offers a lengthy monologue directly to the camera about how so many movies include issues that just have no reason to them. 'Why was ET brown?' 'Why did the two leads in 'Love Story'...
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