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  • Malnourished teen Indiana teen
    Malnourished teen: Indiana teen, 15, neglected, emaciated and covered in feces
    A severely malnourished teen from Indiana is struggling to hang on to life today after the emaciated teen, 15-years old, was found padlocked inside a home in Anderson, Indiana, covered in her own excrement and weighing only a withered 35 pounds ...
  • Virginia Wildlife Center-bear cubs
    Virginia's black bear cubs are starving
    The Wildlife Center of Virginia has taken in almost a dozen starving and emaciated black bear cubs this spring, according to a report on NBC12 News on Thursday. The cubs taken in by the Wildlife center should weigh about 100 pounds, but most of...
  • Chad Chritton
    Prison for starving girl: Wis. father gets five years for starving teen daughter
    Prison for starving girl is the headline that is accompanying a story out of Wisconsin, where a 42-year-old father was convicted of abuse and sentenced to five years jail after starving his 15-year-old daughter down to an emaciated condition of...
  • Dog Meat On Sale At Kyungdong Shijang Market, Seoul, Korea
    Starving Syrians allowed to eat cats, dogs and donkeys
    The grim circumstances in Syria, because of the civil war there, has moved Muslim clerics to issue a decree that will allow the starving to eat animals that Islam forbids.The fatwa, or ruling, was made recently by the clerics to allow starving...
  • Syrian Christians starving as Obama and western nations support rebels
    Syrian Christians starving as Obama and western nations support rebels
    In late breaking news, Barnabas Aid, a Christian organization who supports Christians who are prosecuted in various areas of the world received notice on Thursday from one of their Christian partners, an anonymous doctor, in Aleppo, Syria, that...
  • A starving horse in Stillwater, OK. needs help!!
    A starving horse in Stillwater, OK. needs help!!
    A starving horse was located from an unlikely place Tuesday morning after police investigating a completely different crime stumbled upon the neglected animal on Jardot Road in Stillwater, OK.Police said even in the darkness of the early morning...
  • National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.
    National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.
    February 27th through March 2nd is Eating Disorder Awareness Week. This coming week we acknowledge the struggle that many of our youth suffer with, anorexia, buemia, binging, dysmorphia and disorder eating. In today's society, where focus is...
  • The starving spirit, disordered eating
    The starving spirit, disordered eating
    Do eating disorders result from a "nonspiritual" or "disconnected" relationship to the self and food?Food can leave us with a feeling of fullness or with a feeling of emptiness, eating disorders: separating food from the...
  • Artists like Dominic say its not never about the money, its about artistic freedom.
    The starving artist- Art careers in the modern world?
    Many of us have heard of the proverbial "starving artist", a person that strives to live off their own art. It's a lifestyle that is as old as time itself, yet how many starving artists exist today? As many of us know jobs are not as...
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