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  •  Sheeba Maya and the art of digital painting
    Sheeba Maya and the art of digital painting
    Photoshop remains the premiere imaging software in the world. While the Oxford and Merriam-Websterdictionaries have Photoshop defined as a verb, Photoshop is a tool, a noun. When we hear about Photoshop, there is an instant association with...
  • The New Photoshop & Premiere Elements 13
    Adobe announces Photoshop & Premiere Elements 13
    The newest version of Adobe’s media tools for enthusiasts has just been released, Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements 13. The Photoshop & Premiere Elements lineage are based to their powerhouse siblings Photoshop and Premiere Pro....
  • Hang onto yourselves, MCA has a good thing going with Bowie show
    Hang onto yourselves, MCA has a good thing going with new Bowie show
    David Bowie is—the new exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Chicago—features advanced sound technology by Sennheiser, 400 objects from the David Bowie Archive, and one elephant in the room: “Why is an art museum...
  • Adobe updates Photoshop Mix to 1.1
    Adobe releases Photoshop Mix 1.1
    Adobe has announced the first update to their iPad app Photoshop Mix. Back in June 2014 Adobe had made a series of major announcements to their mobile creative strategy that included both software advancements in tablet and phone apps along with...
  • Instagram Introduces Hyperlapse
    Instagram introduces Hyperlapse
    Instagram has just released its new mobile video app, Hyperlapse. Hyperlapse is the technique of creating a high speed time lapse video clip.. The results of processing a time lapse video clip using Hyperlapse is a video with a frame rate at...
  • Possible Slideshows with Chicago Themes
    Here are possible slideshows with Chicago themes
    Usually Chicago slideshows do not instruct how to slide, particularly if you are a Chicago Cubs player or a Chicago White Sox player. Neither do they give you advice on other sliding as in “Let me slide, boss.” Nonetheless, there are...
  • Intensify Pro: Reveal the Beauty
    Reveal the beauty with Intensify Pro
    There are basically two categories of photo editing software solutions out there. Standalone packages that are complete photo editor and those designed to work within another photo editor as a plugin. Macphun’s Intensify Pro is a image...
  • The Surreal Life starts today with Magritte at the Art Institute of Chicago
    The Surreal Life starts today with major Magritte show at the Art Institute
    It took Val Kilmer 13 years to research his role in Citizen Twain. Adam Butcher required a similar period to create the video game Tobias and the Dark Scepters. And another 13 years were auspiciously spent by Jeremy Cown according to the title of...
  • The ultra-thin Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 blows the competition out of the water
    The ultra-thin Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 blows the competition out of the water
    CNET reviewed Samsung's Galaxy Tab S today and gave this verdict - The Samsung Galaxy Tab S, sporting a vividly colorful, razor-sharp screen and exclusive software perks in an ultra-thin and lightweight design is the best tablet to date, and a...
  • The Happy Grilled Cheese is happy!
    Go Grilled Cheese
    Earlier today The Happy Grilled Cheese, one of Jax's favorite food trucks and the cheesiest, posted the following to their facebook page;"Go Grilled Cheese, its yur birf-day. We're gonna party like its yur birf-day; gonna grill...
  • Sport bikes of the 1980s
    Sport bikes of the 1980s
    Can motorcycles from the '80s be considered classics? Yes, they can. Not only are they 25 to 34 years old, but styling also dates motorcycles of that era. However, they are not hideous to look at; it is just extremely obvious they were a...
  • Cool Cars From Drivin' Ivan
    More Cool Car Pictures From Drivin' Ivan
    Enjoy this cool cars slideshow! And don't forget to watch all of Drivin' Ivan's videos here!
  • 3D Printing with Photoshop CC
    3D printing with Photoshop CC – Part 1 An Overview
    When Adobe announced their major version 14.2 update to Photoshop CC, there were several exciting new features that photographers and digital artist could work with right out the gate. With new features like Perspective Warp, and Linked Smart...
  • The New Analog Efex Pro V.2 from Google Nik Collection
    Introducing Analog Efex Pro 2 from Nik Collection
    Nik Collection by Google has announced a new free upgrade to their Nik Collection, Analog Efex Pro ,Version 2. This upgrade to Analog Efex Pro is a pretty significant one. Nik has simplified the interface while making it more robust. They have...
  • Get OnOne Perfect Effects Free
    Get OnOne Perfect Effects For Free
    For a limited time OnOne Software is offering their Perfect Effects 8 for free. This is a $100 value they are giving away. Perfect Effects is a module of their Perfect Photo Suite 8, which includes seven image editing modules and a browser module....