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  • Life is reborn in 'Awakenings'
    Life is reborn in 'Awakenings'
    When a young doctor encounters patients locked in a state of catatonic “sleep”, what begins as an impossible endeavor is soon transformed into a journey towards hope and healing when he discovers a miracle cure that will allow the...
  • 'Exploding head syndrome' is real, scary and common sleep disorder
    'Exploding head syndrome' is real, scary and common sleep disorder
    Think "exploding head syndrome" is just an April Fools' Day joke? Nope, it's real, scary and common, said CBS News on March 31. The lurid name sounds like something out of the horrormovie "Scanners." And while it's...
  • "Pick Your Side:
    Sleep 101: Americans choosing sides revealed
    This winter has been challenging for most of the country bringing record snow falls and temperatures below anything noted previously. This week we have some interesting information on our best winter place of peace and comfort, the bed. We begin...
  • Ladies, sleep-up your sex life
    Ladies, sleep-up your sex life
    A good night’s sleep has many health benefits. Now, a new study has reported that a good night’s rest can spruce up a woman’s sex life. The findings were published online on March 16 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine by...
  • Sleep
    Sleep loss undermines normal emotional responses
    A lack of normal emotional responses in a person under stressful circumstances does not necessarily mean that person is a cruel person or that that person is mentally ill. The University of Arkansas reported on March 25, 2015, sleep loss is...
  • Struggling to sleep
    Tips for a better sleep
    Sleep is important - it's a required function for us as humans to perform, excel and even to survive. It helps our bodies to heal and our minds to stay sharp and allows us a chance to unwind. Yet it requires time, and many Americans don't...
  • Ollie Swaddle
    Helping baby sleep
    Daylight savings Time recently rolled around and with it routines changed. For most people, a one hour time shift isn’t a big deal, but for babes, especially those up to a year old, a one hour change in their routine can throw off sleep...
  • Sleepwalk murderer acquitted
    Sleepwalk murderer acquitted
    Joseph Anthony Mitchell, the 50-year old father who strangled his 4-year old son Blake, and tried to murder his 2 other kids, ages 10 and 13, was found not guilty by a Durham, NC jury yesterday after his attorney proved that he was &ldquo...
  • Are you sleeping?
    Daylight Savings This Weekend: Are you Sleeping?
    All your questions about sleep can be answered in a single hour with Dr. Brittany Blair this Tuesday, March 10th at 11am PST. If you're like most people, with the time change, come Monday morning you may feel a little shift in your schedule...
  • Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet
    How Philip Stein can help you get more beauty sleep
    If you’re not getting enough sleep, or not sleeping well, it affects everything. Your energy level, patience, and ability to focus. Your diet and weight--if you’re not sleeping enough, quite often you’re eating more to keep up...
  • Night Light
    4 Tips to Help Your Child Feel Safer at Night
    It’s funny how we expect children to sleep by themselves and remain comforted through the night without getting scared. We spend time decorating their rooms, but what about the lighting?Philips (the big manufacturer of light bulbs) have been...
  • Baby Sleeping
    How to Make Your Child Feel Safe at Bedtime
    According to the UK Naturally Nurturing Sleep Clinic, the bedroom is no longer just a place for sleeping. It’s important when trying to help a child sleep at night that they feel comfortable in their room. Children often spend more time in...
  • Experts say that melatonin should not be given to children
    Popular sleep aid should not be given to children, say researchers
    Parents and doctors should not give melatonin to children as a treatment for sleep problems, say researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia. The study was announced on Feb. 25, 2015, and was published as a paper in the Journal of...
  • 6 Baby Foods That Help Your Toddler Sleep
    6 Baby Foods That Help Your Toddler Sleep
    Getting your little one to sleep may be as easy as changing her diet. Here are 6 foods you can give your toddler before bedtime to help her sleep.
  • Student napping
    Experts say teens are not getting enough sleep
    A study published in the journal “Pediatrics,” suggests teens are not getting enough sleep. Apparently, the issue is so troublesome, researchers are identifying the time when teens start getting less sleep as the “Great Sleep...
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