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  • Experts say that melatonin should not be given to children
    Popular sleep aid should not be given to children, say researchers
    Parents and doctors should not give melatonin to children as a treatment for sleep problems, say researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia. The study was announced on Feb. 25, 2015, and was published as a paper in the Journal of...
  • 6 Baby Foods That Help Your Toddler Sleep
    6 Baby Foods That Help Your Toddler Sleep
    Getting your little one to sleep may be as easy as changing her diet. Here are 6 foods you can give your toddler before bedtime to help her sleep.
  • Student napping
    Experts say teens are not getting enough sleep
    A study published in the journal “Pediatrics,” suggests teens are not getting enough sleep. Apparently, the issue is so troublesome, researchers are identifying the time when teens start getting less sleep as the “Great Sleep...
  • Is Your Adolescent Sleeping Enough?
    Sleep duration declines in American teens
    Teen’s sleep duration has decreased in the last twenty yearsAverage nightly sleep times have abruptly declined from childhood through adolescence. There is increasing concern that historical shifts also occur in overall adolescent sleep time...
  • Napping
    Napping as the countermeasure to health issues caused by sleep debt
    While many people have long held the belief that a nap is the best natural cure to sleep debt, now scientific research is starting to back the idea up with evidence of the positive effects of napping. On Feb. 10, 2015, in a study published in The...
  • Statue of Hypnos
    The attributes of Hypnos, the god of sleep in Greek mythos: Part 2
    The god Hypnos is a nocturnal deity originating from the Greek pantheon. As explored in “The attributes of Hypnos, the god of sleep in Greek mythos: Part 1,” the deity is the son of Erebus and Nyx and the twin brother of Thanatos....
  • Napping
    Sleep apnea leads to more than just daytime sleepiness
    Researchers assert individuals who have undiagnosed sleep apnea face greater issues than daytime fatigue. According to an article appearing on ABC40 FOX 6 online on Feb. 5,2015, Ryan Trowbridge reports how John DiNuovo, 68, suffered from an...
  • Sleep
    New sleep recommendations developed by the National Sleep Foundation
    In an article appearing on the Huffington Post on Feb. 02, 2015, Sarah Klein reports how the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) has changed the well-established sleep recommendations and the organization is offering new guidelines now. The article...
  • Sleep health
    Sleep health for complete wellness
    The National Sleep Foundation has discharged its rules for the ideal measure of slumber individuals ought to be appreciating every night. Rest well-being is presently perceived among health experts for its significance to the general prosperity of...
  • Vegan Meal
    Want to decrease your stress? Try eating healthy meals.
    The New Year has begun. New goals are being set, some are being met and some already broken. There is always time to make a change and no better time than the present. One thing you may be thinking about is “what can I do to decrease my...
  • Catnip
    Catnip infusion for a good night’s sleep
    A relaxing and productive sleep session is necessary if an individual is going to have dreams and recall them later. If an individual is having trouble getting sleep, catnip tea is one method for promoting a good sleep session. According to Altmd...
  • Magnesium Foods
    Magnesium as a natural sleep promoter
    Instead of buying over-the-counter or prescribed medications, it might be possible to get help in achieving a quality sleep session with a little help from magnesium: A mineral found naturally in the human body. Magnesium can be derived from food...
  • Natural Medicine
    Three of the top sleep promoting herbs
    Quality dreamtime requires quality sleep sessions. While there are a number of over-the-counter and prescribed sleep aids an individual can use to promote sleep, sometimes a person desires a more holistic approach. There are natural herbs one can...
  • A young girl getting some sleep
    Adequate sleep is essential for memory consolidation
    A lot of students who think they can improve their grades on exams by pulling all-nighters find out this does not work. Brandeis University reported on Jan. 23, 2015, on why all-nighters simply don’t work. If a student really wants to ace...
  • Clock
    Segmented sleep may lead to improved dream recall
    While one might think getting eight consecutive hours of sleep is the ideal regimen for having quality dreams and a sense of wakefulness during the daytime hours, some people argue that the latter assertion is wrong. At least one historian asserts...