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  • Crossing the valley of death
    Dealing with the death of a loved one
    Life and death the vicious cycle of life that swallows everyone that comes into this reality. Death is a hard thing to accept especially when it involves a loved one. The reality of someone gone out of this life forever is difficult to understand...
  • A Christian apologetic of political things
    A Christian apologetic of political things
    As our country moves into the ghastly political year, and it appears that we as a people are notorious at gruesome decisions, I wanted to think about somethings: years ago our then president said: “It depends on what the meaning of the word ...
  • Quantum Physics
    This just in: Scientists prove reality doesn't exist all the time
    Science has once again made a monumental stride towards universal understanding of the world and reality around us thanks to an experiment by a team of Australian scientists whose objective was most likely to break all of our brains. In quantum...
  • Disilllusionment
    The Truth of Disillusionment
    There's truths you have to grow into ― H.G. Wells, Love and Mr. LewishamThe experience of disillusionment involves a profound collapse of perceived truths, leading to a sense of empty futility and a disorienting sense of aimlessness....
  • There are no accidents.  There is some purpose that we haven’t yet understood.
    Quest to Unmask “Reality”: Science & Spirituality at Accords
    All is creation, all is change, all is flux, all is metamorphosis – Henry Miller
What is reality? Can we define it in such a way that whatever experiments we throw at it, the definition will be validated?One possible definition: reality is...
  • Theory of Everything (but not the stupid movie)
    Theory of Everything (but not the stupid movie)
    The Theory of Everything (But Not The Stupid Movie)The theory of everything was something that Stephan Hawking pursued but was never able to solve or resolved was unattainable. The film , The Theory Of Everything, seemed to be mostly about Hawking...
  • 'Alaska:  Battle on the Bay' is just a crowded, cranky fishing show
    'Alaska: Battle on the Bay' is just a crowded, cranky fishing show
    Animal Planet aired a new show Thursday night, and so far the series is a disappointment. "Alaska: Battle on the Bay" is the latest offering in the mega-popular genre of Alaska reality television. The Bristol Bay is the scene, and the...
  • Top 5 geek-themed reality TV shows of 2014
    Top 5 geek-themed reality TV shows of 2014
    It had to happen eventually! geek-themed reality shows exploded as television producers realized that geeks have inherited the Earth...and therefore have a right to gorge ourselves on as much trashy reality television as we want. Gamers, makeup...
  • Dancing With the Stars
    Dancing with the Stars recap: Season 19, Week 5
    And then there were nine.And, yes, I’m still miffed about Betsey’s ouster (*cough Michael/Antonio/Jonathan *cough).But hey… I’m moving on, and DWTS is moving on, too—from last week’s heartfelt tales of woe to...
  • The Amazing Race 25
    'The Amazing Race': season 25 episode 2 recap
    This week’s episode of “The Amazing Race” took the teams to London for a series of challenges that gave the audiences a look into the British culture. Upon arriving in London, the racers are immediately given the choice of two...
  • Kate Gosselin r-word: Reality star haunted by leaked 8-year-old private email
    Kate Gosselin r-word: Reality star haunted by leaked 8-year-old private email
    Kate Gosselin R-word news is making headlines this week because reality TV star Kate Gosselin used the R-word (Retarded) in a private email to Jon Gosselin eight years ago. Apparently, when it comes to emails, there is not statute of limitation...
  • Immanuel Kant
    What Is God, part 4
    Reading Gurdjieff makes Jacob Needleman realize that he has been living and thinking only on the surface of his life and of his mind. The realization leads him to reflect on the Buddhist idea that only a human being is capable of escaping from The...
  • Kira Kazantsev, Joe Gorga, Melissa, Gorga and Tom Murro
    Ok Magazine Sex Sexy Party In NYC
    Last Wednesday night's OK Magazine annual "So Sexy" party was at the trendy laser-light-loving den of decadence Marquee Nightclub in NYC.I was the So, and my plus 1, the newly crowned Miss NY Kira Kazantsev, was the Sexy. As American...
  • Preacher explains 'The Reality of the Resurrection' on Easter Sunday
    Preacher explains 'The Reality of the Resurrection' on Easter Sunday
    On Easter Sunday, Rev. Margaret Minnicks, associate minister of New Canaan Worship Center in Richmond, Virginia preached at First Union Baptist Church, also in Richmond. She preached about "The Reality of the Resurrection" based on...
  • Central Park Conservancy Swing Into Spring 2014 Bash
    House OF Food Chef Chris Nirschel Swings Into Spring In Central Park
    Last Wednesday night, The Central Park Conservancy’s Greensward Circle held a stunning Swing into Spring bash at the Loeb Boathouse in NYC.Celebrity Chef Chris Nirschel and I joined in celebrating the arrival of spring. It was a fun filled...
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