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  • Is God Needed for Morality?
    Is God Needed for Morality?
    Many people (not atheists!) seem to think that belief in God is somehow required to have morality. They say that if people didn't believe in God, then they would become immoral. I suppose because they think that they need to have a God...
  • Massimo Pigliucci schools Neil deGrasse Tyson
    Massimo Pigliucci schools Neil deGrasse Tyson
    Massimo Pigliucci is a Philosopher and biologist about whom we have written in the past in both agreement and disagreement—see here.Neil deGrasse Tyson is well, for our purposes it is enough to note that he is a militant Atheist activist...
  • Science vs. Religion
    Christian/Atheist Debate in Beaverton on Sept. 17, 2014
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." ~Carl SaganThere will be a free Christian/atheist debate in Beaverton on Wed. September 17, 2014 at 7 pm. All event details can be found here: . The title of the...
  • A squirrel contemplates Wu Wei.
    Wu Wei: The meaning of doing without doing
    Taoism has been misunderstood by many throughout its vast and ancient history. The misunderstandings are common among those that consider themselves Taoists and even more among those who have no training in the system, yet however, choose to write...
  • Educational Philosophies
    Educational Philosophies
    You may wonder why this teacher seems easier or why that professor is so rigid. You may hear students query that one teacher emphasizes reading and another only seems to want opinions. You may feel bullied in one school and wholeheartedly accepted...
  • UN flag
    Eight negatives of economic sanctions
    In the course of international affairs, economic sanctions are a common tool of politicians who seek to achieve foreign policy objectives without resorting to open warfare. Just as economic ostracism can be a nonviolent means of successfully...
  • Tower of Babel
    'Tower of Babel' a study of the holes in the new creationism
    And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name…—Genesis 11: 4 (KJV)Author Robert Pennock(presently professor at Michigan State University) draws on the old Bible...
  • Example of a tree being useful or useless
    Chuang tzu's advice on recognizing the true nature of things
    In a recent article “Unraveling the mysterious and misunderstood concept of P'u”, we examined how the true meaning of P'u is not the uncarved block, rather it is the ideal of remaining or returning to a state of untouched...
  • Kerumutan river inside a tropical rainforest
    Unraveling the mysterious and misunderstood concept of P'u
    Many people who study or casually read about Taoism will at some point come across several principles and concepts which are considered important to the Taoist system.Some of the more popular principles are: Wu-wei, Tao and Te, Lao Tzu's three...
  • The Tao of Pooh book cover
    Looking for a delightful read then try the Tao of Pooh
    Over the course of several decades of study, practice and teaching Taoism, your National Taoism Examiner has come across many books which seem to fit into one of several categories. Books written by people who have no experience with Taoism, those...
  • Ancap flag
    The five Ws of fake libertarianism
    So far, this year has been a time of debate and infighting amongst libertarians. Aside from the original disagreement within libertarianism, that of minarchism versus anarchism, we also now have newer divisions of thick versus thin, also known as...
  • Noah's Ark is a Myth
    Is Noah's Ark a myth? A 7th grader asks the question of an adult.
    On April 9th there was a debate at Portland State University entitled "Does anything Supernatural Exist?" In part of the debate they discussed whether the Bible story of Noah's Ark should be interpreted as real history, or a myth. In...
  • Darkness Preceeds
    An Artist's Statement
    Art is bias. Its intrinsic humanity can never fully exist outside of its creator. We may share it but the individuality of the Artist restricts its holistic translation to others.Art has been called a reflection of humanity. I find that too broad....
  • Thinking of one's identity
    "What does it mean to exist?" discussion on Thur. May 15th in Portland
    Have you ever wondered what it means to exist? What are you, just a material object... or is there some sort of supernatural spiritual component? Those are the things we will discuss on Thur. May 15th. Details for the event can be found here:http:...
  • Finding Purpose
    "Who am I?" discussion on Thur. May 15th in Portland
    On Thur. May 15 in Portland, the Center for Philosophical Naturalism is hosting a free discussion event on the topic of identity. Exactly what is it that makes "you," you? All details for the event can be seen here: