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  • Need to know: SousVide Supreme
    Need to know: SousVide Supreme
    After a few months of exploring home technology products for the rest of the home, we ventured back into the kitchen to start an exploration of sous vide cooking using a water bath and a device known as an immersion circulator. An immersion...
  • Outdoor brick oven
    Wood-fired brick oven popular addition to the outdoor room
    The outdoor room concept is very popular worldwide and Kansas City is no exception. As a part of that trend, the brick oven is often included as a vocal point of the outdoor entertaining area where friends and family can gather to enjoy pizza and...
  • Wood-fired brick oven in use
    Brick Ovens to be introduced at World of Masonry
    Brick Ovens to be introduced at World of MasonryThe Masonry Heater Association of North America is hosting an introductory wood-fired brick oven building workshop at the World of Concrete/World of Masonry Conference in Las Vegas, NV January 20-24,...
  • A meal that cooks all at once
    A meal that cooks all at once
    Whenever we try to prepare a full meal, it often requires some planning ahead. We would like to have all parts of the meal to be ready as close together as we can, but as much as we try, it doesn't always work out that way. While some of the...
  • Stoves like these can be used to dehydrate a wide range of foods that you can then store.
    Dehydrate food in your oven for emergency food storage or everyday use
    One of the ways you can preserve foods at home is by dehydrating them. You can purchase a food dehydrator to do the job and they are relatively inexpensive unless you go for a deluxe model. However, if you are just getting started and want to try...
  • A Meal That Cooks All At Once
    A Meal That Cooks All At Once
    When preparing dinner for company or for family,your aim is to try to have all the dishes completed and ready for serving as close together time-wiseas possible. Naturally, this can't always happen. Unless you're fortunate enough to have...
  • banana bread at hyvee
    Using all of the heat in your oven
    Heat is expensive. Researchers have found evidence that during the Renaissance, people used their heat (fire) as long as possible. Once the baking was finished, wet laundry was placed in the oven to dry, candle scraps were melted, etc. With a...
  • Butternut squash
    Roasted Butternut squash
    Butternut squash is one of those wonderful foods that can be prepared sweet or savory and taste equally delicious. For a sweet version of this wonderful squash, try *Butternut Squash Pie recipe by Mary Ellen Solesbee of Greer, South Carolina, the...
  • Ranch BBQ Chicken
    Ranch BBQ Chicken
    There's lots of things you can do with chicken. Most people LOVE chicken but it can get boring fast so here's a way to dress it up, country style. I call it Ranch BBQ.I'm using split chicken breast but you can use whatever part of the...
  • Commercial hoods
    Ovens, ranges, and hoods: residential vs. commercial space
    Now getting down to the stuff you don’t necessarily have control over: what kind of range do you have?Right off the bat, if you have an old-school electric stove-top with coils, you’re in for a world of hurt. Have some dry dish-towels...
  • Oven
    LASD, Altadena deputies issue advisory message on carbon monoxide poisoning
    The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Altadena Sheriff’s Station issued an advisory message on Jan. 1 following the carbon monoxide poisoning deaths of two women.The Willowbrook women, ages 63 and 81, apparently used the...
  • Brooklyn Pizza - Birmingham
    Brooklyn Pizza - Birmingham
    This authentic stone-oven pizza makes me wish it was time for lunch all the time. Other than the fact that I think they are fabulous -- I wanted to share a quick coupon with you, $10 for a $20 gift card to Brooklyn Pizza. Hurry while it lasts!!
  • Convert dinner recipes to crock pot recipes
    Convert dinner recipes to crock pot recipes
    Busy schedules can keep us running from one activity to another. Whether it is for us or the children there usually is a lot to keep you going. During these days when you know preparing a nice meal from start to finish won’t be possible we...
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