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  • A motel
    The purpose of roadside motels
    The general public perceives motels as a destination for truckers and prostitutes but in reality the owners have contracts with large construction firms, oil refineries, and the county social services department. It changes the way that they'...
  • Eileen Carey: Track by track
    Eileen Carey: Track by track
    Your crusty chronicler generally does his own thing. Still, when Examiner asked for support for their “List” format, it was impossible not to be open-minded. So, with that spirit of unity and teamwork in mind, your rockin’...
  • Hotel or Motel?
    There are several differences between a 'hotel' and a 'motel'
    People don't think about it often, but sometimes the question comes up:"What's the difference between a hotel and a motel?"One major difference is that the entrance to a hotel room is on the inside of the building, and the...
  • Time is up soon for  A226254 at San Antonio ACS
    Updated: Motels that accept animals are welcome stop for evacuees with pets
    Sometimes a disaster allows people time to evacuate and go to a motel. Finding accommodations can be a problem if you have animals.Here is a quick guide to where your whole family is welcome. Be aware that even motels with no dog policies may...
  • 60,000 or more music fans are headed to Bamboozle in Asbury Park
    60,000 or more music fans are headed to Bamboozle in Asbury Park
    Fences are being erected to keep the crowds in and the snoopers out. Coming up this weekend, May 18, 19 & 20, Bamboozle will take place in multiple venues in and around Asbury Park, New Jersey.There are several main events, the one that am...
  • resort
    Rooms under $100 this month in the Florida Keys
    Bayside Inn in Key Largo has the welcome mat out this December with room rates starting at $97. Located on Florida Bay at mile marker99.5, the property is about three miles south of John Pennekamp State Park, which is celebrating its 50th...
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