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  • Do women tennis players or women golfers earn more money in 2015?
    Do women tennis players or women golfers earn more money in 2015?
    If you have a daughter who is a talented athlete who wants to earn a living playing sports should she become a professional tennis player or a pro golfer? As you will see below from a money standpoint any young female athlete who wants to earn a...
  • The irony of true love in 'Becoming Jane'
    The irony of true love in 'Becoming Jane'
    In an age where women were subjected to the superiority and mercy of men, the notion that a woman would fight for independence or love was virtually inconceivable. The sole purpose for a woman, particularly for a woman of low social standing, was...
  • Computer literacy and business
    9 essentials of computer literacy for small businesses
    Small businesses in the Capital Region struggle more than ever to get customers, to attract members, to stay in the black. Getting computer smart can be a boon to reaching new business, particularly the millennial market, who spend much of their...
  • LeBron James is worth a lot more than $23 million a year
    LeBron James is worth a lot more money than $23 million a year
    Reports out today are that LeBron James has re-signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers on a two-year deal that will pay him $23 million for the 2015-16 season. The two-year deal is worth $46.9 million, the max allowed under the current CBA, and LeBron...
  • 4 Ways to prepare for your resume
    4 Ways to prepare for your resume
    #1 – Take time to understand that preparing any needed document for your career takes time. You may need a resume, cover letter, reference sheets, or a bio, or to answer any questions related to your job of interest for jobs on
  • Up In Your Business Hosts
    Owning a Job vs. Owning a Business: The Answer to Building Your Legacy
    Entrepreneurs encouraged to tune in to Up In Your Business on KTEK Radio AM 1110 to Learn the DifferenceAccording to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. With this whopping failure rate, small...
  • Former SF MAyor Gavin Newsom
    Sanctuary policy and State Criminal Alien Assistance compensation money
    Slamming San Francisco’s “sanctuary” policy while not quite shaming by name California politicians responsible for making it so, Democratic leadership at the federal level is coming out in force to publicize exactly where they...
  • Should women LPGA golfers earn just as much money as the men on the PGA Tour do?
    Should women LPGA golfers earn just as much money as the men on the PGA Tour do?
    On average women golfers on the LPGA Tour earn far less money than the men golfers on the PGA Tour do. At the four major tennis tournaments each year, Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and U.S. Open, the men and women tennis players are paid...
  • Your teen’s first job is very important
    Your teen’s first job is very important
    Teens have not lived a sufficient number of years to know enough about life in general or the world of work in particular. Thus, it is important for their parents to give them the correct guidance when they acquire their first job.This article is...
  • Robotics Challenge
    Answer Surveys And Earn Money
    As the old saying goes, you can't get something for nothing. The old saying is right. You can't earn money for doing nothing, but there are ways to earn money by doing very little.There are many ways to earn money by doing very little. Of...
  • Money requires the right attitude
    Money: It requires the right attitude
    Money. It has been called the root of all evil. Prosperity preachers say that everyone has abundance coming their way. Many people wish for just a little bit--just enough to survive. Money can sometimes take on a life of its own. It can control a...
  • How to calculate your burn rate
    How to calculate your burn rate
    When we hear the term burn rate, we usually think about it in the business sense. In the private sector, burn rate refers to the amount of cash a start-up spends each month, an important metric to calculate for any small company. But about what...
  • Visiting the wet market
    Tips for a smooth trip to Aisa
    Tours: Book tours locally. The Hong Kong tourist board site offers wonderful free or almost free tours ( -search “kaleidoscope”). Check out the Global Greeters Network ( They...
  • Family finances
    Local organization launches family support network
    Rotterdam's A Thousand Moms, a non-profit organization to support youth in foster care an adoption, is launching a new podcast series in support of families, foster/adoptive and traditional. This project in the Capital Region looks to help...
  • Sunset Eats
    Lover's Locales: Balancing Budget & Bliss
    A lot of pressure is put onto city dwelling love birds to entertain their mate with dinners, movie outings, parties and all the other financially draining fun we have learned to expect in this mega city dating game. What happened to keeping...
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