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  • Singing Away The Blues
    Singing The Blues Away
    Did you know that singing can be good for your soul and your mental health? Even if you have trouble staying in tune or the words sometimes fail you, simply vocalizing to your favorite songs can prove an exhilarating and transformative...
  • Third International Symposium on Qigong in Rome
    Third International Symposium on Qigong in Rome
    Organized by the Nei Dao Association in Italy, the third International Symposium on Qigong is gathering the Qi and momentum and will host a large event on Oct 18 – 20 in Rome, Italy, which will bring the two ancient cultures of the east and...
  • A young woman practicing yoga and meditation
    Yoga and meditation help people control computers with their minds
    Natural relaxation methods can dramatically help people control computers. The University of Minnesota reported on Sept. 25, 2014 that people who practice yoga and meditation can learn to control a computer with their minds quicker and better than...
  • An example of moving or standing meditation
    Harvard study proves meditation can hinder the onset of Alzheimer's
    If you ask most adults who are middle age or older, what their greatest fear is in regards to aging, many will say they do not want to “lose their mind”. They want to be able to age and still have their mental capacity and wits about...
  • Brain interfaces
    Meditation may help people control their computers
    Meditation has been shown to decrease stress and lower your blood pressure. Now a new study shows that meditation may help you control your computer only with your mind. New research by biomedical engineers at the University of Minnesota shows...
  • Meditating monk
    Why we meditate in Buddhism
    Through meditation we can do wonderful things. We can overcome our ignorance, delusions, greed, anger, hatred, jealousy, and depression, and enhance our compassion, loving-kindness, happiness, and equanimity. Meditation is the way we can find...
  • Meditation
    What is meditation in Buddhism?
    Contrary to popular belief, meditation isn’t just about sitting crossed-legged, placing our hands on our knees with finger and thumb touching, and chanting “Om” repeatedly. It can be in a yoga class, but this isn’t a yoga...
  • Book Shelf
    Top 5 best books on Buddhism 2014
    If we search "Buddhism books" a list in the hundreds or even thousands will show up. However, over the years there have been a few popular books by some popular authors that haven't gone without notice. Here are the top 5 best books...
  • Buddhism
    Beginning Buddhism
    Just like writing a paper, making a list, or cleaning, it's sometimes hard to know where to start. Beginning anything as big as learning a new religion is no exception. Buddhism has one of the largest collections of sutras (sacred texts) than...
  • Recommended: Simple Qigong for Health by Grandmaster Yang Jwing Ming
    Recommended: Simple Qigong for Health by Grandmaster Yang Jwing Ming
    Dr. Yang Jwing Mingis one of the few Chinese martial artists who has mastered both internal and external sides of the arts. He is also a Qigong guru and has published a few dozen books and DVDs on martial arts and Qigong. His recent publication...
  • Feelings buried alive never die
    Meditation, yoga, psychosis?
    Recently a blog was postedthat was indicative of some of the misleading information regarding the effects of the physical practices of yoga and mental health. The conclusion presented in the blog was that doing the physical practices of yoga could...
  • The first Chen Zhenglei International Tai Chi Symposium in Chen Village
    The first Chen Zhenglei International Tai Chi Symposium in Chen Village
    With the support of the government, the first Chen Zhenglei Tai Chi (Taiji) Symposium has been elevated to an international event with an exciting program that includes master workshops, Duan Wei
  • PTSD among veterans is at an all-time high. A car wreck or a death in the family can also result in PTSD.
    Are there really alternative treatments for PTSD? Find out here.
    Are there really alternative treatments for PTSD or is it wishful thinking? According to research, there are promising alternative treatments. The key may be to use several of the alternative treatments rather than rely on just one.Visit these...
  • Yeru Bon Candles
    Discover the Unique Roots of Tibetan Buddhism in Minneapolis
    Yeru Bön Center is a lesser-known treasure in the Minneapolis/St. Paul meditation community. Located on East Lake St., the center offers weekly meditations on Tuesdays at 7 p.m., as well as events, retreats and regularly scheduled teachings.The...
  • Meditating with God
    Stillness in the Christian life
    What does the Bible have to say about stillness? Is meditation part of Christian living? Looking at the lives of the prophets makes one consider such questions and with a little research and insight one can find the answer. “Be still and...