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Health & Fitness

  • Kitten Cutie
    Free Pet Adoption in Santa Clara this Weekend
    This weekend is Free Pet Adoption Weekend at The Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority. SVACA is inviting the community to help them provide new homes for many pets by adopting a new "best friend" for free.Thanks to Maddie’s Fund...
  • Waste not, want not: Sweet 16 party ruined by falling feces
    Waste not, want not: Sweet 16 party ruined by falling feces
    An unidentified airplane turned out to be a real “party pooper” for 16-year old Jacinta Cambray of Levittown, PA when it dumped a load of feces smack dab on her birthday party last Sunday.According to the nearly 40 guests present,...
  • Jae Gardner
    Tutoring with Jae Gardner: Owner of The Ivy Key
    Jae Gardner is one of New York City’s top social entrepreneurs, instrumental in tutoring and preparing high school students for college. His company—The Ivy Key, serves over 100 New York City and New Jersey public schools, and it has...


  • Watch video: Man rescues dog hit by car and left for dead
    Watch video: Man rescues dog hit by car and left for dead
    Be assured there are still many kind good Samaritans out there; always willing to lend a helping hand to an animal in need. Just an angel appeared recently in Independence, Missouri when a dog was hit by a car and left to die in the middle of the...
  • Otto
    After investigation police officer cleared of wrongdoing in death of family dog
    On Friday night, theWyckoff, New Jersey, police department announced that the officer who shot and killed a family's German shepherd, after responding to the report of a possible break-in at the wrong address, has been cleared of wrong-doing,...
  • Bonded Friends
    Most miraculous animal rescues of 2015
    While it’s only mid-May, 2015 has already had it’s share of incredible animal rescue stories. It seems wherever there are animals in peril there are also brave souls who go above and beyond to save our furry friends. From high school...

Home Improvement

  • Who will be best prepared to face disaster challenges?
    Who will be best prepared to face disaster challenges?
    Many people might think that the answer to the above question is wealthy people. After all, wealthy people can afford to buy high security condos made from decommissioned nuclear missile silos. These wealthy people also can afford to stock these...
  • Review: Airfree® Onix 3000 air purifier
    Review: Airfree® Onix 3000 air purifier
    The Airfree® Onix 3000 air purifier promises to sterilize the air. It is a natural solution to help people suffering with asthma and allergies by removing mold and other contaminants from the air. That all sounds terrific, so I tried one out...
  • Are you ready for 3D walllpaper?
    3D wallpaper launched; no 3D glasses required
    It was inevitable that someone would develop 3D wallpaper I suppose. That's what happened when twenty2 partnered with Pratt Institute to unveil a groundbreaking 3D wallpaper collection called "Deep," that launched this week.twenty2,...

Family & Parenting

  • Aiden Barnum
    Abuse During Infancy and "Aiden's Act" in Washington State
    Clearly, infants are vulnerable to abuse. They can't speak for themselves, they cry to express their needs, which are significant, and they can't ambulate. They are vulnerable. They have a psychological need for attachment to their mother...
  • A Thank You Note to KINDsnacks
    A Thank You Note to KINDsnacks
    It’s always nice to see a successful company give back to the community. A few weeks ago I heard about an event. KINDsnacks hosted the Kindness Safari in various zoos across the country. It’s part of their Kind Parents, Kind Kids...
  • be the change
    How to change your life in 10 steps
    Life is all about changes. Whether you believe the change is happening to you or because of you, these changes will occur. Sometimes people fall into their comfort zone and let life live them, instead of living their life. Entrepreneur, author and...
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