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  • Goss Run
    Lauren Goss returns to Escape from Alcatraz part 2
    The 2015 Escape from Alcatraz triathlon was probably the most exciting in the event’s history. Eric Lagerstrom defeated six-time champion Andy Potts by two seconds. Lauren Goss finished only fifteen seconds behind Ashleigh Gentle. This year...
  • VAXXED the movie is coming to Atlanta
    VAXXED the movie is coming to Atlanta
    Vaccines and the perpetual fall from grace, when will this bad history of killing children be over and written out of history? Deliberate cover up and concealing vital information regarding vaccinations and autism, those words set a fire under...
  • Chemotherapy is carcinogenic
    Chemotherapy is carcinogenic
    It kills good cells along with cancer cells. The survival rate of chemotherapy is 2.1-percent. Chemotherapy does not work for stem cells. Most cancers can be cured holistically without even needing surgery. Instinctively people don’t want to...

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