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  • Details emerge on Marysville, WA high school shooting
    Student opens fire at Washington State high school leaving two dead
    MARYSVILLE, WASHINGTON--Two high school students are dead after a school shooting Friday morning at Marysville-Pilchuck High School in Marysville, Washington, a close knit community located 35 miles north of Seattle.The shooting occurred inside...
  • Our children
    What do we tell the children?
    The killing of eight year old Jakari Pearson on July 30 2014, while he slept in his bed in a townhouse complex in the City of Detroit has disheartened me to the point of human suffering.
  • America's Selfie
    America's Selfie: Smile for the camera
    In today’s American society Selfies have become all the rage. Selfies are pictures taken of oneself for public display on social networks.If America took a Selfie, there would be a constant recurring image captured in too many of the photos....
  • Crossbow killings: Florida man kills wife and teen son with handheld crossbow
    Crossbow killings: Florida man kills wife and teen son with handheld crossbow
    Crossbow killings in Florida had authorities puzzled as to why a husband and father would kill his own wife and 17-year-old son. Only four days after the killings with a handheld crossbow, police believe that “fear of deportation and...
  • Police Tape
    Three deadly shootings in Central Islip leave residents fearful
    CENTRAL ISLIP - Matthew Gilmore, 25, is the latest victim in a string of shootings plaguing the Central Islip area. The Long Island Press reported that Suffolk County police found Gilmore dead in a rooming house on Tuesday afternoon, after...
  • Students learning the proper use of guns and other uses of protective force
    Psychiatric meds are a prescription for murder
    The unusually high incidence of school shootings and other mass murders across the United States has led to misguided speculation that what the psychiatrists label as mental illness has been a primary cause of this problem. However, a careful...
  • Miguel Morales, Los Zetas assassin, murderer
    A brutal and feared gangster seizes control of Los Zetas drug cartel in Mexico
    Miguel Angel Trevino Morales has reportedly seized control of one of Mexico’s most violent drug cartels the “Los Zetas", according to various media reports.Los Zetas (Zetas, Zs) is a powerful and violent criminal syndicate in...
  • Chicago violence continues
    Seven killed and 36 wounded in weekend shootings
    In Chicago from last Friday night until Sunday morning seven people were killed in shootings and another 36 were injured. Enough is enough. What will Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy do to reduce this violence? You can contact McCarthy...
  • Mehran condemns massacre in Mekran, says it mars movement
    Mehran condemns massacre in Mekran, says it mars movement
    An unofficial Balochistan representative at the United Nations Human Rights Council has condemned the killing of unarmed civilians in Balochistan and has termed the massacre contrary to the high ethical standards of Baloch warfare."Killing of...
  • Shootings Memorial Day Weekend
    Memorial Day Weekend Murders in East St. Louis
    "Where were you when the Wold stopped turning?" - Alan Jackson.Memorial day is supposed to be a day of Remembrance and Thanks to the Troops, past and present; and yet, there are people out there who finda way of ripping the joy out of a...
  • Gun Violence
    Get the guns off the street
    Detroit has to get the guns off the street. Chief Godbee is beefing up nighttime patrols, which should help control the violence. Now is the time for the community to come together and work with the police department. Let your relatives, friends...
  • The Dalai Lama
    Dalai Lama sends condolences to Norway over killings
    The recent violence in Norway which has left over 90 people dead has saddened the Buddhist community here in Syracuse. The massive scope of this violence has Buddhists here feeling peace on the planet which they have been praying and working hard...
  • Last seen alive
    5 Dead, 1 missing following brutal attack
    The death toll in Friday’s attack is set at 5 with 1 missing and suspected dead. Once again violence has brought havoc in the streets of Burns Flat.No people were killed or injured. The bodies strewn across the driveway, yard, and street...
  • Syrian Rebellion
    Syrian forces increase killings of Assad opponents
    Syrian security forces over the weekendkilled about12 people who wereattendingfunerals for anti-government protesters who werekilledon Friday.The Syrian forceopened fire on mourners gathering in the capital city ofDamascus. At least 82 people...
  • Bounce
    Magnolia Shorty, popular New Orleans rapper, gunned down in New Orleans East
    Early reports indicate that popular New Orleans rapper Magnolia Shorty was one of two people shot and killed earlier today in New Orleans East.Just after noon today, a male and female were murdered inside of a vehicle in the 6300 block of...