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  • Ferguson on Fire -  Justice or GIGO
    Ferguson on Fire - Justice or GIGO
    As this this writer reduces his thoughts to writing, Ferguson MO is on fire. Riots broke out last night when the St. Louis County, MO Grand Jury hearing the Ferguson MO matter of the Police shooting and killing of Michael Brown announced its...
  • Does the Bible depict God and His appointed leaders as cruel?
    Does the Bible depict God and His appointed leaders as cruel?
    The above question would have no meaning except for those who know little or nothing concerning the biblical story. God destroyed the entire population of the earth except for eight people with a global flood 1655 years after he created man. It is...
  • Just vote No to David Lillehaug for Minnesota Supreme Court Justice
    Election 2014 – AGAINST David Lillehaug for Minnesota Supreme Court Justice
    This writer will begin with what should be a “campaign devastating” piece of information that wil cause you to vote AGAINST David Lillehaug for Minnesota Supreme Court Justice in election 2014.It should be noted that David Lillehaug is...
  • Swat team
    Imagine there’s no justice
    Imagine being settled one night comfy in your bed for a long winters nap. Suddenly you hear a pounding and your front door busts off the hinges. Then yelling and commands being issued but in the dark of night nothing seems to make sense. The...
  • Here's the real problem
    The real problem with domestic violence
    I’ve been getting lots of calls and emails in the past two weeks with people asking me what I think about all the recent domestic violence incidents in the news, from the latest NFL scandal
  • The all seeing eye
    The consideration of Saudi Decapitation in a polite society of American slaves
    In our society, we have a Bill of Rights and a Constitution that are supposed to protect both law-abiding citizens and antisocial misfits. Caught red handed, a person has the right to due process in a court of law, a law based on our moral and...
  • Flag
    Open Letter to District Attorney William Higgins
    September 18, 2014William Higgins, District Attorney200 South Juliana StreetBedford, Pennsylvania 15522Dear Mr. Higgins,I am writing to you on behalf of the Global Conservation Group and our members. We were disappointed to learn that you continue...
  • Conner needs your support
    Conner needs your support
    Back in early June, I wrote you about two year-old Conner Bachuss who died at the hands of his mother's, Mashanna Bachuss, ex-boyfriend Ronald Saunders. Today, I received word there has been an update in the case. Saunders parole hearing is...
  • Julian Heicklen and Jury Rights Day
    Honoring Julian Heicklen on Jury Rights Day 2014
    Everyone who believes in true justice and not just the imposition of whatever various governments have decided they want "The Law" to be should know when Jury Rights Day is and what it's all about.Jury Rights Day is celebrated every...
  • Handgun
    Was justice served, or done, in Texas ‘revenge killing’ case?
    Updated: A Texas father is free this morning following his acquittal yesterday in Angelton on charges that he gunned down the drunk driver who had just killed his two sons in a December 2012 crash, and the case is eliciting some interesting...
  • Michelle MacDonald - Rank and file Minnesota's Candidate for Minnesota Supreme Court Justice
    Judicial Showdown at the Minnesota Republican State Fair Booth Coral
    As this writer listened to the news a few days ago, he heard talk of some dust up at the Republican Party booth at the Minnesota State Fair. It became apparent to this writer that the Main Stream Media was trying to use this event to discredit a...
  • Flagpole climbers
    Thinking biblically about immigration policy
    What influences the Christian’s thinking on immigration policy once he or she is suitably informed about the issues involved? Most evangelicals would agree that something akin to “the Bible” or “the Holy Spirit” would...
  • God's final judgment will be just
    God's final judgment will be just
    There are numerous ways man can sin and bring the wrath of God upon themselves. All possible sins are so many that it is impractical to attempt to list them all. A reading of the Holy Bible will bring them out but even then, many take time and...
  • Michael Brown lying on the street
    Friend of cop who shot Michael Brown speaks out on shooting
    Last night, the city ofFerguson, Mo., was again enveloped in violence. The putative triggers were (1) the release yesterday of thename of the police officer who fired the shot that killed black teen Michael Brownand (2) complaints over therelease...
  • Israel's tragic path from victory to self-incrimination and condemnation
    Israel's tragic path from victory to self-incrimination and condemnation
    Israel is today a superpower in the Middle East. Despite denials to the contrary, Israel is also most probably armed with nuclear weapons. The nuclear reactor at Dimona (Negev Nuclear Research Center) became a target of three Hamas rockets in the...