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  • A special kind of greeting, Skardu, Pakistan, Nov. 2006
    Morning Meeting Revisited - Part 2: Greetings.
    Having described in Part 1a set of activities designed to offer predictable moments of play during the course of the day, here are the greetings suggestions, Part 2.In order to foster a welcoming environment where children practice some formal...
  • Boxing Day is the only appropriate seasonal greeting
    Boxing Day is the only appropriate seasonal greeting
    We are now well into what plenty of people term the “holiday season.”Why? What are the “holidays” that are in “season” right about now?Christmas. New Year’s. Kwanza. Hanukkah. Festivus. And on and on.Not...
  • More sterile than a handshake
    For the fight against germs, fist bumps are highly encouraged
    We are a germ-fearing people and for good reason. It is not surprising to see plastic bottles of hand sanitizer hooked to someone’s keychain or purse. Signs warn us at almost every turn how important it is to wash our hands frequently and to...
  • World Hello Day:  Universal greeting promotes world peace
    World Hello Day: Universal greeting promotes world peace
    Hello! It's World Hello Day, an annual "holiday" that promotes peace by encouraging people around the globe to "greet 10 people for peace." For more than 40 years, people all around the globe from 180 countries have...
  • pakistan politics
    Pakistan; democratic triumph and diplomatic outreach
    The national election of May 11 in Pakistan has given a large public mandate to Nawaz Sharif's party, who will be the future Prime Minister as soon as the new government takes oath of office. He will be sworn in as Prime Minister for the third...
  • Pakistan politics
    Democracy in Pakistan; an overwhelming public mandate
    U.S. President Barack Obama congratulated Pakistan on its parliamentary elections and said Washington was ready to work as equal partners with the government that emerges. He congratulated the people of Pakistan on the successful completion of...
  • St. Arnold Brewery Valentines for Soldiers
    Show your patriotism at St. Arnold Brewery's Valentines for Soldiers
    Military personnel deserve our admiration and respect. Official recognition on a larger scale is nice, but often, a small thoughtful bit of recognition from ordinary citizens is even better. St. Arnold Brewery has an upcoming event open to those...
  • Free Halloween ecards, printable cards and mobile greetings online
    Free Halloween ecards, printable cards and mobile greetings online
    Halloween is Monday, October 31, 2011. If you are looking for a free Halloween ecard or greeting to send by email, smartphone,post on Facebook or just print out and give to someone spooktacular, there are plenty to choose from online. There are...
  • Ravenel Bridge
    First impressions - making friends in three seconds or less
    Oscar Wilde put it best when he said, “An acquaintance that begins with a compliment is sure to develop into a real friendship.” Make no mistake about it – at the root of networking is friendship, the basis of all non-genetically...
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