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  • Social Media’s Influence
    Social media’s Influence on the growth of the Internet
    When most people talk about the internet, they are actually referring to the few search engines with indexed website pages. For them, this is the internet.But it turns out that the view from your chosen search engine is but a small fraction of the...
  • AI ethics
    Debate surrounding artificial intelligence and ethics begins
    Skynet. Hal. Their names conjure up images of machines gone mad with power as they gained the upper hand against their organic counterparts. But how close are we to having artificial intelligence that can dictate if and when to hurt humans...
  • Clinton - New York
    Video: Google accused of manipulating search results in Hillary Clinton's favor
    A video posted to YouTube on Thursday makes what the Daily Caller describes as a "compelling case" that Google search results are being manipulated in favor of presumptive Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton. SourceFed, a channel...
  • Google and Lenovo move smartphone market into new gear
    Google and Lenovo move smartphone market into new gear
    In the not too distant past, the gold standard for big news-making consumer product announcements was dominated by Steve Jobs when Apple rented the Yerba Buena Theatre in San Francisco, the press packed in, and the tech industry changed forever....
  • Google teaching autonomous cars to honk politely
    Google teaching autonomous cars to honk politely
    It might be time for humans to let robots take over, at least when it comes to driving. Accidents happen all the time and can be attributed to all sorts of things, but emotions are a key element. Road rage has risen significantly in the past...
  • iPhone-iPad
    Is Your Site Optimized for Google? 2 Quick Ways to Check
    It's essential to have a site that's properly optimized for search. People are making decisions on where to shop, which restaurants to dine at and whom to do business with based on a company's online presence. Optimizing a website...
  • Google Home
    Alexa, meet my Google Home
    (MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.)— The start of Google’s annual developer conference brought to light a range of products aimed at showcasing the new evolution of the company for the future. Day one of Google I/O was accented in part by details...
  • Google DayDream
    Google takes on VR with DayDream
    (MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.)— The virtual world was on full display at the start of the Google I/O conference in California on May 19t, 2016. One of the biggest announcements had to do with the reveal of
  • Google pedestrian glue: People stick to the self-driving car if they are hit
    Google patents pedestrian glue: Victim sticks to hood if hit by self-driving car
    The news of Google creating a pedestrian glue that acts much like human fly-paper sounds like something one might announce on April Fool’s Day. Google has a fresh U.S. patent for this glue that's created to have a pedestrian stick to the...
  • Google's Gboard
    Google's Gboard: Bad name, great functionality!
    The naming of Google's newest software, Gboard, is reminiscent of the 'Futurama' episode entitled 'Problem with Popplers' when the crew has to name a new snack and all but two names are taken.While this product's monocer...
  • Google, Fiat ink pact
    Fiat Chrysler, Google ink pact for 100 Pacific hybrid minivans
    Google and Fiat Chrysler Autos Tuesday signed a pact for 100 plug-in versions of the new Chrysler Pacifica. The Pacifica minivan, launched in February, is a major rework of one of the automaker’s longtime core vehicles. The new Pacifica has...
  • YouTube Logo
    YouTube announces improvements to controversal Content ID
    On April 28, YouTube announced a change to video monetization for videos that are flagged by their Content ID system. This is in response to issues raised by the YouTube community, where this system blocks any revenue they should earn for their...
  • Shop graphic e-commerce concept in Google colors
    Google's sudden changes have a huge impact on e-commerce
    Google is known for making sudden, sweeping changes that have a huge impact on e-commerce. Whether it’s unleashing the zoo on unsuspecting business owners with Panda and Penguin or bringing about “Mobilegeddon” with its April...
  • Battle over IoT heats up as devices just want to talk
    Battle over IoT heats up as devices just want to talk
    In the not-too-distant-future, your refrigerator will talk with your oven, your toaster will converse with your microwave, and your light bulbs will communicate with their switches. It will be quite a conversation inside the four walls of the...
  • Laptop Apple computer on table next to smartphone
    What the redesign of Google AdWords means for businesses
    Google’s advertising platform, AdWords, is one of the most fundamental parts of digital marketing. It was launched in 2000 with just 350 advertisers. Since then, it has grown to a community of over a million advertisers, but its operations...
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