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  • Relationship Advice For Kinky Couples
    Relationship Advice for Kinky Couples
    In your relationship you may wish to become kinky. In such a case you need to select activities where you will all enjoy in our relationship. This will require you to discuss with your partner and come to a conclusion. After you decide to become...
  • Watching your husband have sex with another woman
    Watching your husband have sex with another woman: A closer look at the benefits
    Millions of women around the world are turned on by the idea of watching their husband have sex with another women, or even by the idea of joining in and having a threesome – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Back in the 1950s...
  • Sexual fetish
    Sexual fetishes and paraphilias
    “There is no more unhappy being under the sun than a fetishist who pines for a boot and has to content himself with an entire woman.” ― Karl KrausThey were once referred to as sexual deviations or perversions, today they are called...
  • Volleyball at the Avatan
    This week - get naked with pride! The AANR gives their stamp of approval
    Welcome, welcome back to my Examiner lil' piece of heaven! This time, subject is nudity.Jason and Alexis on their MyTalk 107.1FM show mentioned the National Nude Recreation Week, as initiated by the American Association for Nude Recreation. As...
  • Anthony Weiner
    Is there a cure for Mr. Weiner’s mental illness of exhibitionism?
    With queasy stomachs, the nation has been “exposed” to the parts of Mr. Weiner that no one would choose to see – oh well.... maybe some.... as it seems that the lewd photos sent to young women have been widely viewed. So what is...
  • Captain Underpants book by Dav Pilkey
    Fools exposed: the 10th annual no pants subway ride
    When we were children, many of us heard the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes, the theme of which was that the emperor, parading publicly in his underwear (in the “cleaned up version”), was, of course, a prideful fool. Well, a...