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  • MargaretHSanger
    Paladin Margaret Sanger
    Margaret Higgins Sanger(1879–1966) foundedPlanned Parenthood. TheReligious Rightworks itself into a lather byquote miningher speeches into portraits of a eugenicist madwoman, despite the fact that in reality she worked alongside W.E.B. Du...
  • HitlerChrist
    Adolf Hitler: The Christian Creationist
    The PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins websites prove that Adolf Hitler was a “Christian Creationist”. Hitler considered himself a Christian and historians know that the accusations of Hitler being an atheist are as patently false as they...
  • Victims of forced sterilization program to receive compensation in Virginia
    Victims of forced sterilization program to receive compensation in Virginia
    It wasn’t long ago that forced sterilization programs were in place in the U.S. The American eugenics movement implemented them and over 30 states agreed to these practices. Hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom were in some way...
  • Will Mayo Hospital's  Gene Bank be used to Advance Obamacare's Progressive Eugenics Program?
    Obamacare's Progressive Eugenics Program eyes Mayo Gene Bank
    In the Sunday issues of the Minneapolis Progressive Rag Star and Tribune, the headline read "Mayo's Gene Bank draws eye of Obama" At this point the reader may be asking, who did this writer get from that headline to his headline. And...
  • Margaret Sanger Resurrected
    'Architect of Obamacare' is a Margaret Sanger elitist in eugenics
    Remember the executive order signed by President Barack Obama which promised no federal government funding would be spent on abortion? Pro life forces scoffed at the order which basically was all talk with no action.
  • Eugenics marker
    North Carolina's eugenics compensation law doesn't apply to hundreds of victims
    From 1929 to 1976 one of the most aggressive and invasive eugenics programs in the United States was taking place, targeting the poor, the disabled and African-Americans. Debra Blackmon was 14 years old when she became only one of 7,500 people...
  • Man agrees to vasectomy to reduce child endangerment prison sentence
    Man agrees to vasectomy to reduce child endangerment prison sentence
    Jessie Lee Herald, 27, from Shenandoah County, Va., will be undergoing a vasectomy as part of a plea deal that will reduce his prison sentence by at least five years in connection with his child endangerment case in Virginia. Herald has fathered...
  • Eugenics Pamphlet distributed to 'raise awareness' and support
    US Nazi eugenics: N. Carolina first state to compensate sterilized victims
    North Carolina has become the first state to offer monetary compensation to victims of government-sponsored sterilization, a huge win for human rights in the United States..The North Carolina Eugenics Board program authorized sterilization ofan...
  • Eugenics
    Compensation for victims of forced sterilization doesn't remove the shame
    Fox News reported on Saturday that North Carolina lawmakers have finally approved a $10 million fund to compensate victims who underwent forced sterilization in the state's eugenics program, which was among the most extensive and long-running...
  • Margaret Sanger
    Saint Margaret Sanger
    Some people called her the Savior of the Poor, or our Lady of Contraception. Anyhow, count Margaret Sanger as one of the bravest women of the twentieth century for taking on a forbidden issue–birth control. A nurturer at heart, Sanger&rsquo...
  • Adolf Hitler and Kermit Gosnell
    Kermit Gosnell and America's Auschwitz
    Abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell was recently found guilty of a laundry list of crimes including three counts of first degree murder for the killings of several babies that were born alive at his abortion clinic. Gosnell was accused of cutting the...
  • Malignancy live Cleveland Ohio 12/19/2012 Blood of Power Tour (Photos)
    Malignancy live Cleveland Ohio 12/19/2012 Blood of Power Tour (Photos)
    The Blood of Power tour stopped by Peabody's Concert club Wednesday night. Headlined by Dying Fetus with supporting acts Cerebral Bore, and Cattle Decapitation, who were replaced on the last leg of the tour by Malignancy. As readers may...
  • Falasha Jews
    Are Jews Jews?
    Jews take for granted that they are of the only slightly diluted stock of Jews who lived 2.5 millennia ago. But such an assumption is in blatant contradiction with the findings of science: gynecologists Susan Klugman and Susan J. Gross write that,...
  • Monsanto Cartoon
    Monsanto and Friends Spend Over $30 Million to Defeat Prop 37
    Business's are designed to make money. That's what they do. If they didn't they would exist. When a business invests money it usually does so with an expectation that it will see a return on that investment. Enter...
  • Eugenics Congress Logo
    NC eugenics program only the tip of the iceberg
    An amazing story surfaced on NPR Friday detailing a Congressional effort to compensate the remaining victims of a state run program in North Carolina that witnessed over 8,600 people forcefully sterilized without their knowledge, publicly between...
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