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  • 11 Ways to be a better cook
    11 Ways to be a better cook
    For those who love to cook, there aren't enough articles, recipes or videos on the subject to satisfy that urge to be the best cook. It's a lifetime endeavor that brings a lot of joy when everything goes right. Every chef or cook has their...
  • A day in the life of plain food
    A day in the life of plain food
    I think I have just invented a diet. I will call it the Plain Food Diet and here is how it works.We are looking at an example couple, Justin and Stacy. Justin is a young man, fairly healthy although he has a "nervous stomach." He doesn&...
  • Houston chefs continue to bring the best to diners here and on national TV
    Houston chefs continue to bring the best to diners here and on national TV
    Houston restaurants continue to impress our city with their impressive efforts to bring the best to diners and the community. From fresh menus with summer offerings to heart healthy dishes to television appearances, Houston chefs continue to...
  • A different soup gives spring vegetables a showcase
    A different soup gives spring vegetables a showcase
    I normally tend to prepare Italian-style soups such as Pasta e Fagioli or Minestrone for myself, but I also appreciate lentil soup in various forms. One thing I particularly like to do is buy red or yellow lentils at Sprouts in Tucson because ...
  • Corn griddle cakes
    Corn griddle cakes: Roasted corn provides a full feeling at breakfast time
    Mornings are full of surprises when you serve up a stack of country-style corn griddle cakes for breakfast. These griddle cakes are cooked similar to pancakes and are full of flavor and roasted corn. No one sitting at the table will complain they...
  • Pasta with beans and tomatoes
    Veggie goodness pasta
    One of the beautiful things about cooking with pasta is the sheer versatility. I've always loved simple pasta dishes like "primavera" whose origins in the first-of-spring vegetable arena lend it an air of simplicity and freshness. Of...
  • Pain, house renovation can trigger allergies
    Why should you worry about house renovation now?
    In June of this year 2015, we have already had temperatures from 88 to 99 degree Fahrenheit. High humidity and thunderstorms have been occurring on a daily basis. Research suggests that global warming is leading to an increase in humid air that...
  • Cooking using a cast-iron skillet
    Five helpful cooking tips for the blind and visually impaired
    Whether you've recently become visually impaired or have been for years, cooking can be a challenge. Below are five tips that should make your culinary adventures run a little more smoothly.
  • Recipe for children who want to cook
    Recipes for children who want to cook
    By now, all of the schools have let out for the summer. I've discovered that after being out for a while, children often seem to show some boredom. Of course, they enjoy being out of school, but they may find that they want to do something...
  • Johnson's Backyard carrots
    Farmer's market love
    Ever since I gained the confidence to take my now-20-month old son out and about while mommy was elsewhere (it took a few months early on to get there), one of our favorite and most consistent things to do together is take a Saturday morning trip...
  • oscic
    Heavy metal for dads and grads
    Since it has already been determined that cast iron and seasoned steel cookware from Lodge, at the very least, is designed to last a lifetime, it should come as no surprise that the items recently introduced right here in this column are of the...
  • Jefferson City Missouri
    Jefferson City Missouri present historical charm and past imprisonment
    Jefferson City, Missouri, may be one of the smallest state capitals in the United States, with a population under 50,000, but it is big when it comes to charm. Red brick buildings, rolling hills, architectural columns, statues, and sidewalk cafes...
  • Biscuits in a waffle iron.
    Make biscuits in your waffle iron
    Visit Sunday brunch at any of Houston's restaurants, and you are more than likely to see some form of biscuits and gravy, that Southern staple that is a favorite of many, but what if there were a way to get the soft, fluffy biscuits to soak up...
  • olive oil tasting at Caputo's
    Olive oil 101 with Matt Caputo
    I use olive oil on almost a daily basis but until recently I didn’t really know much about the processing behind it; the controversy between quality and presses; and the time, money and dedication it takes to produce a quality oil.So I...
  • Columbia Missouri
    The unexpected in Columbia Missouri
    Midway between Kansas City and St. Louis on Interstate 70, Columbia, Missouri, is not what visitors expect. More a neighborhood than a city, Columbia enjoys all the positives and high energy of a university town.The red brick buildings and shade...
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