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  • The Golden Egg
    Guide for an exceptional Easter
    From beautiful bakeware to treasures for baskets, the Examiner Parenting Panel has reviewed the latest products and toys to help you create an exceptional Easter for everyone in your family, right down to the golden egg!
  • Dreams come true in 'Before I Wake'
    Dreams come true in 'Before I Wake'
    What are dreams? Are they visions of what our imagination sees as beautiful? Or are they the manifestation of our worst fears brought to life while we sleep?For a little boy named Cody, his greatest nightmare is falling asleep. When a young couple...
  • 'Chicago Parent' first playdate offers something for everyone
    'Chicago Parent' to host inaugural (and affordable) family playdate
    Playdates are to parenting what 3-pointers are to basketball. Both score lots of points, and both bring about joy and elation.My sportswriter husband likely is rolling his eyes at that analogy. Then again, I'm not sure how many times he's...
  • Little Grand Hawks!  Go Hawks!
    The Definition of good Grandparents
    What does being a grandparent entail? I feel it's an important responsibility to be involved in helping raise grandchildren. It's all about involvement. Having grandchildren is one of life's best gifts you can receive. You need to be...
  • Three bunny rabbits for Easter at Imagine Schools-Nau Campus
    Three bunny rabbits for Easter at Imagine Schools-Nau Campus
    With spring break on its way and the Easter holiday forthcoming, one might say , “tis the season for Easter bunnies at Imagine Schools-Nau Campus” when the morning of March 26 (as if magical), while playing on the playground the VPK...
  • Secondhand smoke clogs kids’ arteries
    Secondhand smoke clogs kids’ arteries
    Worldwide, more than 50% of children are exposed to passive smoking, most of them at home. Most are aware that secondhand smoke can be hazardous to a child’s health. Now a new study from the Menzies Institute for Medical Research at the...
  • 5 Facts of Baby Development
    5 basic facts of baby development
    The first year of any baby's life is always an incredible time because the baby will go through such tremendous development during that period. Such developments can take place daily, to the delight of parents, as the baby's body grows and...
  • Odin Camus had the best birthday ever when his birthday went viral with thousands of wishes on social media
    Odin 13-year-old bullied boy's birthday goes viral after no one RSVPs to party
    In a world full of news of tragedies, it feels good to hear a story like Odin's, where the world rallied around a bullied Canadian 13-year-old boy on his birthday Friday, March 20, 2015, when 15 of his peers refused to respond about coming to...
  • Setting Limits
    Setting limits for your child gives valuable lessons
    SETTING LIMITS1. Children want to understand the rules of the world they live in.2. They want to know what is expected of the, where they stand with others, how far they can go, and what happens when they go too far. As they grow up, they need...
  • My First Ballet with Houston Ballet II
    Families in for treat with My First Ballet: Coppelia by Houston Ballet II
    Families clear your calendars for special performances of My First Ballet: Coppélia by Houston Ballet II, coming to Margaret Alkek Williams Dance Lab at Houston Ballet Center for Dance on March 28 and 29.The performances, designed for children...
  • A society that doesn't want children has no future, Pope Francis declares
    A society that doesn't want children has no future, Pope Francis declares
    In his weekly General Audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis reminded the crowds in St. Peter's Square that the worth of any society can justly be judged based upon how that society treats its children, turning his reflections most especially to...
  • 19th Annual Taste of Martin County supports Big Brothers Big Sisters
    19th annual Taste of Martin County supports Big Brothers Big Sisters
    The upcoming Taste of Martin County reflects the best in culinary presentation as well as the very best of community camaraderie. Local chefs from more than 30 dining establishments will serve their signature delights and compete for a prestigious...
  • Pixar's latest film, 'Inside Out', is an emotional journey
    Pixar's latest film, 'Inside Out', is an emotional journey
    Emotions make up the essence of one’s identity. In Pixar’s newest animated film, “Inside Out”, a child’s emotions are brought to life in a very real way as a little girl named Riley struggles to cope in a new home...
  • Girls can create narcissistic children through too much praise, says study
    Education news: Parents who give kids too much praise may hurt them, says study
    Can too much praise be harmful? A new study is pointing to the idea that parents who place “too much” value on their kids might in fact hurt them in the long run, causing children to become narcissistic. According to a report...
  • Robin Hood production at The Arkansas Arts Center
    Robin Hood production at The Arkansas Arts Center
    The legendary Robin Hood has been the inspiration for one of the most enduring and beloved characters in literature. Some believe that this British medieval outlaw who lived in Sherwood Forest and made it his mission to take from the rich and give...
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