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  • MedEx leverages the latest technology including Google Glass
    MedEx leverages the latest technology including Google Glass
    Medical Express Ambulance Service (MedEx) is a prominent provider of ambulance services in Chicago. They came out to the Chicago Auto Show last week to showcase their vehicles and highlight the latest technology.One of the most innovative tools...
  • Brazil dog
    Street dog runs after sick owner's ambulance to stay near him
    Why do people keep dogs as companions? The number one reason - for their constant devotion. For their loyalty. For their friendship that always forgives. A scruffy little street dog was captured on video in Wansbeck, the Federal District of Brazil...
  • Ambulance
    Dog rides on outside step of ambulance; going to hospital with owner
    Buddy wasn't going to let his owner get away from. He did everything in his power to make sure that his owner was not lost. According to a Sunday, Nov. 16 report by KGKL, Buddy, the beagle mix, rode on the outside step of an ambulance when his...
  • Port Jefferson Harbor & Marina
    Father's Day Water Rescue Save
    Suffolk County Police are investigating an unfortunate accident that occurred in the quaint village of Port Jefferson on the north shore of Long Island. At approximately 2:40 P.M. a 911 call into Suffolk County Fire Rescue & Emergency...
  • Hospital Corps
    The Hospital Corps
    It may surprise you that in a war where armies were organized into corps, regiments, companies and the like, those who were assigned to aid in taking wounded soldiers to nearby hospitals was a highly disorganized hodgepodge. Often those duties...
  • Life EMS Ambulance
    Woman steals ambulance to get home for Thanksgiving
    A 53-year old woman stole a Life EMS ambulance from Bronson Battle Creek in Battle Creek, Michigan on Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013. According to authorities, Karen Walker stole the ambulance in an effort to make it home for Thanksgiving. She was...
  • Durand Ford Jr. called 911 for his dad. The ambulance came over 30 minutes late, his dad died and they billed him for the ride.
    Man’s father died while waiting for late ambulance; billed for $780.85 anyway
    Your call an ambulance for an ailing family member. It takes a long time to get there. Your family member dies. You receive a bill for the ambulance. Sound impossible? That’s exactly what happened according to NBC News on Feb. 9.Duran Ford,...
  • boston ambulance
    Massachusetts ambulance diversion ban a success: study
    When Massachusetts pass a ban on ambulance diversion in 2009, many in the local medical profession feared it would lead ambulances lined up at emergency room doors and patients filling the halls of the ward.But a new study released recently showed...
  • NJ EMT killed in the line of duty
    NJ EMT killed in the line of duty
    A New Jersey Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) was killed in the line of duty (LODD) on Monday after the ambulance he wasin was involved in a motor vehicle crash that may have been the result of a police chase in NewarkAccording to media reports,...
  • Nationwide and local EMS response to New Jersey to help victims of Sandy
    Nationwide and local EMS response to New Jersey to help victims of Sandy
    Even before the dreadful storm slammed the coastline of New Jersey, Hurricane Sandy’s frightening size, which was two-thirds the size of the continental United States, garnered EMS personnel to be requested to stand-by. Fearing an...
  • A parody example of Trendelenburg position
    Bleeding out: Does raising the legs really help?
    With the rise of violence and injuries in our area lately, suppose you come upon the victim of a gunshot wound or a bad car accident. After you dial 911 (or for my emergency services followers, you arrive on the scene), what do you do for this...
  • St. Joseph's Critical Care Building
    Critical Care Building at St. Joseph's Hospital
    Over the past few years, passers-by on Interstate 80 have noticed all the construction going on atSt. Joseph's Hospital in Paterson NJ. The hospital has been undergoing major renovations as part of the system's $250 million master...
  • EMT
    Indiana EMTs deserve specialty plate like other services
    The Indiana BMV has added 10 more specialty plates to its list, bringing the total to 99. These plate purchases send funds to designated organizations. The plate prices add an additional 10-40 dollars to the normal price.
  • Elizabeth Taylor Dies of Congestive Heart Failure
    American icon Elizabeth Taylor has died at the age of 79, and official reports state that she died of Congestive heart failure (CHF). She suffered from this condition since 2004. So what is CHF and how what does it do to a person?Congestive heart...
  • ambulance
    Wrong choice; wrong way
    Last month an ambulance driver was hit by a drunk driver in Santa Fe. Vanessa Carrillo, the ambulance driver has been recovering from the head-on collision that left her with 35 broken bones. The disabled Carrillo is not expected to walk for...
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