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  • self driving car
    Why Self Driving Cars are a Bigger Deal than We Think
    Americans spend 5.5 billion hours stuck in traffic every year. One or two hours of commuting to work or just on day trips, are a huge waste of time and money. Extra fuel consumption because of traffic is around $121 billion because of this as well...
  • Chappie
    Chappie is the next generation of AI
    Chappie: Rated “R“ (2 hours)Starring: Sharlto Copley, Dev Patel, Yo-Landi Visser, Ninja, Jose Pablo CantilloDirected by: Neill BlomkampSet in an indeterminate year of the near future and (as is director Blomkamp’s wont) takes...
  • Phillip Phillips wants out of 'American' idol contract
    Phillip Phillips sues 'American Idol': Season 11 winner wants out of contract
    These days, Phillip Phillips is not as happy as he was back in 2012 when he took the title for "American Idol." To be sure, the singertalkedabout his stuffy nose on Twitter, on Jan. 26, but this celebrated entertainer is actually...
  • AI - Artificial Intelligence
    The Difficulty of Artificial Intelligence
    Almost every year, a new movie or book comes out portraying a sentient machine. These works of fiction often feature a robot (or android if you prefer) with very human-like qualities. From Isaac Asimov’s robo-psychological concepts derived...
  • Person of Interest becomes reality as Web Bot creator challenges Looking Glass
    Person of Interest becomes reality as Web Bot creator challenges Looking Glass
    In the highly rated television show Person of Interest that airs on CBC on Tuesday nights, a primary plot line deals with one form of artificial intelligence (A.I.) known as The Machine pitting itself against a secondary A.I. known as Samaritan....
  • Ask Eugene Goostman a question
    Ask the Turing Test robot a question
    Eugene Goostman, a "typical" 13-year-old boy, has suddenly found worldwide fame after successfully passing the Turing Test.The only trouble is, he's a robot.But, apparently, in a recent experiment conducted under stringent conditions...
  • Hawking Artificial Intelligence: Learn risks of AI becoming similar to Hal the Computer from "2001 A Space Odyssey.
    Hawking Artificial Intelligence warning: AI could be 'dire threat' to mankind
    Stephen Hawking warns that artificial intelligence (AI) could become a threat to mankind in the future and it is best to take steps today to make sure that doesn’t happen. Hawking was not alone, he was one of four scientists who co-wrote a...
  • Robocop
    Man into machine
    In 2018 a company, Omicrop has unmanned robots all over Afghanistan and Iraq but America doesn’t want them at home because they show no emotion. Omicrop decides to build a man in a machine from officer Murphy, who is injured in a car bombing...
  • American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez
    'American Idol' 2014 results: Who was kicked off 'AI' on March 6?
    "American Idol" 2014 is amping up during a season that seems to include plenty of great crooners. However, on March 6, one more talented contestant was asked to leave "AI", having not earned enough votes to keep this singer in...
  • 'American Idol' judges surround Ryan Seacrest, host
    'American Idol' has Majesty Rose 'Happy' as Malaya Watson faces 'Hard Times'
    "American Idol" rush week started on Feb. 18 with the top girls singing their collective hearts out in hopes of getting a spot on next week's show. The first "AI" singer on stage was Majesty Rose, an already stated...
  • VMX Kickstarter
    VMX Project: Visual Artificial Intelligence for the Masses
    Imagine going into the kitchen at six in the morning, on a bleary Monday, and plodding heavy steps over to your trusty coffeemaker and having the Keurig see you enter its line of sight, recognize you, and ask, “Would you like coffee, Dave?...
  • Robot
    A new kind of robot - meet Lettuce Bot and friends
    Meet Lettuce Bot, a very different kind of robot than what we are used to seeing in the media. Our image of robots has been shaped to a large extent by Hollywood and literature. Celluloid robots in Star Wars, 2001 Space Odyssey, Robocop, Star Trek...
  • Move over Siri. A ten million dollar investment leads to an elegant AI calendar
    Move over Siri. A ten million dollar investment leads to an elegant AI calendar
    Relay Ventures and Sierra Ventures co-lead round to further invest in the artificial intelligence and semantic learning technologies driving the first learning system built for the calendar The pace for new technology for a busy mobile world is...
  • Out of Business 1
    Out of Business 1
    I am no longer writing for Examiner and have removed all of my articles.
  • The Collected Poems of Ai book cover
    Book review: The Collected Poems of Ai
    Next month will mark the 40th anniversary of the publication of Cruelty, the first of eight books of poetry by the poet whose pen name and legal middle name was Ai and the third anniversary of her death from breast cancer at age 62. Today W.W....
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