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Tech Gear

  • Aootek 300 Lumen USB rechargeable LED bike light
    Aootek 300 Lumen USB rechargeable LED bike light [review]
    The Aootek 300 Lumen USB rechargeable LED bike light allows you to ride your bicycle at night easily and safely. It is small and compact, and can provide a great deal of illumination in the dark or in dimly-lit areas effectively. Plus, it feels...
  • lingohop
    Learn a Language But Do it Your Way
    They have the mantra “No longer lost in translation,” and now you can finally learn a foreign language a more natural way. They were concerned that in a fast-paced life, we would not be able to hold a conversation with the rest of the...
  • Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort
    Mississippi's Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort rolls out the 'high tech' red carpet
    Visitors to the Mississippi Gulf Coast now have another option when it comes to resorts as the shiny new, Scarlet Pearl Resort Casino, across the bay from Biloxi is open and inviting guests from all over the world. While one might think this is...



  • Childpass App
    New on-demand app gets kids off gadgets
    Studies have shown that by the age of 7, a child born in the U.S. will have spent one full year watching TV, going online, or viewing other forms of media. (Yes, 8,760 hours). As tech advances move us forward, this is one negative result. New...
  • Responsive web design
    Why you should think about responsive web design as an investment
    The popularity of smartphones and tablets has increased significantly throughout the past few years. As a result, more and more people tend to browse the internet through these smart devices. This can bring a lot of convenience to everyone as they...
  • app development
    Getting through the hurdles of developing your first app
    Making your own app can be an exciting thing. Exciting because apps are really popular and people can make good money from them. However, there are some hurdles you have to get through with your first app development. Once you get through these...
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