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  • Apple announces new iPhones coming soon
    Survey shows users hope for more durable iPhone 6s
    Survey results from Protect Your Bubble, which sells cell phone insurance covering damage to iPhones, Android phones and other mobile devices, show iPhone customers hope for a much stronger display on the new model.According to Protect Your Bubble...
  • The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
    Everything you need to know about the new iPhones
    Apple is launching the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus on September 25, according to a September 9 report in MacRumors. As usual, with new iPhone models come discounts on current models. iPhone 6 is now just $99.00, iPhone 6 Plus is only $199.00...
  • Down day on Wall Street
    Apple's iPhone 6S and 6S+ could not save Wednesday's market
    Wall Street opened higher; part of a global rally for stocks. Japan’s Nikkei index was up 7.7%, bouncing off 11 month lows. Equitiesin Chinarose as the finance ministry pledged to accelerate construction of some major projects. European...

Tech Gear

  • Zack The Zombie Exterminator
    Not quite a zombie apocalypse graphic novel - Zack the Zombie Exterminator
    This is a win-win situation for geeks. What geek doesn't enjoy comics or graphic novels? Also, what geek doesn't like zombies or rather the exterminations of said zombies? You have your chance to pick up a zombie graphic novel through a...
  • Why is it necessary to protect our data from hackers?
    Why is it necessary to protect our data from hackers?
    For many years, hackers have sold their top secret hacking techniques to various government spy agencies. Many of these techniques, often known as zero-day exploits, have been hidden away out of view of the mainstream. The problem though now is,...
  • Sling TV  and Campus Insiders
    'Campus Insiders' coming to Sling TV
    No network covers college sports that way Campus Insiders does with it's up-to-the-minute information, thorough coverage of the Mountain West Conference and Patriot League to go along with "The Seth Davis Show." Campus Insiders gives...



  • Dust off your digital devices inside and out
    Dust off your digital devices inside and out
    Hackers know small companies are more vulnerable to data breaches due to limited resources. Cybersecurity should always be a high priority. But when a company’s IT staff consists of maybe 1-2 people who are provided limited budgets and are...
  • 8 Tips to protect your Money – and your Identity – from Theft
    8 Tips to protect your Money – and your Identity – from Theft
    When you hear the dictum, “You should protect yourself from identity theft,” do you equate this with pushing a wheelbarrow loaded with rocks up a hill? It would actually be more accurate to picture slicing into a fresh apple pie,...
  • Why use a VPN?
    Why use a VPN?
    If you want to be a pro at privacy, here’s a tip: When it’s time to go online, whether it’s at an airport lounge, coffee house, hotel, or any other public Wi-Fi spot, don’t log into any of your accounts unless you use a...
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