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  • MacBook on Display
    Want to Buy a MacBook with 10TB Storage?
    Anyone who has been a tech fan over the years knows that storage capacity is important and that the cost for it consistently goes down. But if Intel and Micron have a say in all of this, these two electronics industry giants will be making a great...
  • Young moms join the parade leaving Twitter
    Young moms join the parade leaving Twitter
    Yesterday, Twitter launched Periscope, an app that lets users live stream video of their surroundings, in an effort to counter the growing popularity of a similar tool called Meerkat. Twitter’s rapid response to yet another competitive...
  • Zig Zag Zoom games
    A new mobile game company for fun experiences and meaningful global change
    If you are a fan of the those mobile games that are mostly of blood, gore, lots of eardrum shattering noise and destruction and want to hear the latest about them, you'll have to find something else to read. This is about a new mobile gaming...



  • President Barack Obama speaks with British Prime Minister David Cameron in the White House Jan. 16. on cyber security and other issues.
    Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft unite, urge Obama to stop data collection
    Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter and a host of others sent a letter to U.S. President Barack Obama, House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and a host of government officials, as reported March 26 on...
  • How to recover lost data from iPhone
    How to recover lost data from iPhone, iPad and iPod
    When the device shows us that we run out of memory, then we start deleting unimportant files and images. But, as we are completing the action in haste, most often we end up deleting the important images or files or videos. Now, what do we do? You...
  • Unpacked Event Features Samsung S6 Edge
    Samsung S6 Edge
    Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? It is quite a good time to do so, if you are contemplating updating. Multiple manufacturers have recently established new phones that they'll happily exchange to get a slice of your hard-earned, sweat...


  • The state of nonprofits
    The state of nonprofits
    In today’s economic climate, people are depending heavily on charitable organizations to fill a lot of gaps. Demand is way up- 80% of nonprofit organizations have reported an increase in demand, and an astounding 56% are unable to meet the...
  • Can an App really act as a Bodyguard?
    Can an App really act as a Bodyguard?
    In the event of an attack, new smartphone applications can be used to send an alarm to a pre-chosen person. And the potential victims location can then be tracked.But is this faster and more secure than a woman whipping out pepper spray and...
  • Meerkat: Darling of SXSW is both cool and addictive
    Meerkat: Darling of SXSW is both cool and addictive
    Meerkat, the nascent livestreaming app, is barely a month old and already incredibly popular. According to CNN on Mar. 26, 2015, who recently met with CEO and co-founder Ben Rubin.Even though it appears to have just arrived on the scene, Rubin...