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  • Chinese woman with iPhone
    Apple News app disabled in China
    iPhone users either from or visiting China will no longer be able to get their news from the Apple News app (at least for the time being) as Apple has reportedly disabled the app completely in the country. As of Saturday, instead of a curated...
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus beside a rose gold iPhone 6s.
    iPhone 6s compared to Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus: The latest hot phones
    Both the iPhone 6s and Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are available now at Verizon, Best Buy, T-Mobile and other stores. The S6 Edge Plus the hot looking newAndroidsmartphonewith curved Gorilla Glass edges and a bright, shiny metallic shell...
  • Apple announces new iPhones coming soon
    Survey shows users hope for more durable iPhone 6s
    Survey results from Protect Your Bubble, which sells cell phone insurance covering damage to iPhones, Android phones and other mobile devices, show iPhone customers hope for a much stronger display on the new model.According to Protect Your Bubble...

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