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Zimmerman trial: Prosectutor's PowerPoint slide closing argument photos

Florida prosecutor in the George Zimmerman trial, Bernie De La Rionda, uses a rudimentary PowerPoint slideshow as the tool for his closing argument in the Trayvon Martin shooting. But should he have? (
Prosecutor Bernie De La Rionda results to this slideshow to get a jury to convict George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin shooting. (
Could the prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case have better represented the victim in his closing arguments than using a PowerPoint presentation slideshow for the jury? (
Florida prosecutor thinks reminding the Trayvon Martin shooting case jury that George Zimmerman couldn't "find an address" to give police is justification for a guilty verdict? (
The George Zimmerman trial went from a possible computer animation presentation being shot down by the judge in the case to a rudimentary PowerPoint slideshow by the prosecution being allowed. (
The George Zimmerman defense team likely realized why the prosecution in the case fought so hard to keep their computer animated presentation out of court when they saw their opponents alternative: a rudimentary PowerPoint slideshow. (
Florida prosecutor reminds the Zimmerman trial jury about "the rules" in his closing argument slide show. (
Trayvon Martin the focus here for the prosecution's PowerPoint slideshow presented to the jury during closing argument on Thursday. (
Bernie De La Rionda appeals to the jury in the George Zimmerman trial to find the defendant guilty of second-degree murder after he uses the court's dummy figure in a re-enactment of the fight scene. (
George Zimmerman's image attacked by the prosecutor to the jury as his effort to get a third-degree murder charge on the table backfires with the judge. The jury can now consider manslaughter charges in addition to second-degree murder in the case. (
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