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  • Sye Ten Bruggencate (Christian apologist) meets atheist in Beaverton
    Christian apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate visits Beaverton
    Christian apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate was in Beaverton on May 7th for an apologetics conference at Grace Bible Church, sponsored by JeremiahCry Ministries. While in town, he spoke with Bernie Dehler, a former evangelical Christian that is now an...
  • Karen Garst, Ph.D., discuss former Christian beliefs
    Garen Garst, Ph.D., responds to "Were you a true Christian?"
    Garen Garst, Ph.D., is editing a book of essays from various women about their experiences in their journey into atheism. Karen is also an atheist, and at a recent meeting she discussed the topic "Were you ever a true Christian?" That...
  • Karen Garst, Ph.D., edits book of essays of atheist women
    Garen Garst, Ph.D., edits book of essays about women in atheism
    Garen Garst, Ph.D., is editing a book of various women that are writing about their experiences as atheist women. Karen talked to a group of atheists & agnostics about her book project, and the video of it will be shown on Comcast local...
  • Lord, Liar, Lunatic
    Atheism 101: Responding to the lord, liar, lunatic argument
    One of the most frequent arguments used by fundamentalist Christians is probably the infamous “The Lord, Liar, Lunatic Argument.” The argument was first created by C.S. Lewis in his book, “Mere Christianity,” but has since...
  • Any who can be this rude does not deserve to live
    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev - A Failure in the System
    Should Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (also known as the Boston Bomber) got the death penalty? Unless you are a dyed-in-the-wool anti-capital punishment activist, or relish in the irony of keeping a wanna-be martyr alive against his will, it is difficult to...
  • Mother's Day for the survivors of suicide loss
    Mother's Day for the survivors of suicide loss
    Mother's Day is a highly publicized and commercialized holiday in America. Everyone has a mother. For many, this holiday is a joyous celebration spent with family. For others, it can be a painful reminder of family members lost. Two components...
  • Meditation and the transcendent unity of religions
    Meditation and the transcendent unity of religions
    Recently, while visiting India at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG), a training center for people seriously interested in the traditions held sacrosanct by the world of meditators, I was told about an extraordinary person. This was a man whose...
  • Dallas Overnight Walk for Suicide Prevention
    Over $1.4 million raised for suicide prevention at Dallas Overnight Walk
    The first of two Overnight Out of the Darkness Walks benefiting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention took place in Dallas, Texas on April 26th, 2015. Participants who registered for the 16-18 mile walk are required to fund-raise a...
  • Good food, good fun
    Join atheists in Beaverton on May 7th for some food for thought (Korean BBQ)
    Are you tired of religion and would like to make some new friends that don't have supernatural superstitious beliefs? If so, join the Center for Philosophical Naturalism for a friendly meal in Beaverton on Thur. 5-7-15. All event details can...
  • Time for a good story?
    Celebrate Mom's Day at Sunday Assembly Portland. All Beliefs (or None) Welcome.
    Celebrate life (and Mom!) with live music, inspirational sharing, and a performance of mother-centric folk stories from storyteller Will Hornyak this Sunday May 10th at 11 am downtown. Afterwords, join us in the McMenamin's pub for a burger...
  • Prof. Ted Davis (Christian) and Bernie Dehler (atheist) debate at OSU
    Should Christian Universities Teach Creationism as a Viable Scientific Option?
    On Tue. 2-24-15, Bernie Dehler (atheist) and Edward (Ted) Davis debated at Oregon State University on the topic: "Is belief in Christianity conducive to doing good science?” In this video excerpt, the atheist accuses the Christian...
  • Billy Graham lacks an understanding of prayer
    Billy Graham lacks an understanding of prayer
    One of the more mysterious actions of believers is prayer. Most Christians believe that God has a plan for the world and that God knows the past and the future. But, by praying, a believer can convince God to change that perfect plan just to make...
  • Inspired Bible
    Atheism 101: Was the Bible inspired by God?
    While some fundamentalist Christians believe that the Bible was divinely written by God, most Christians reject the idea that the Creator of the Universe actually sat down and physically wrote a book series. It seems that atheists aren't the...
  • Adam Davis speaks at Sunday Assembly Portland
    We are having "church without the god bits" on Sun. 5-10-15
    Sunday Assembly Portland is known as "the church without the god bits." They are having their next event on Sunday morning (5-10-15) at Lola's room downtown (McMenamin's Crystal Ballroom). All details for the free event can be...
  • Does God exist?
    Church debate video: why do you believe (or not) in the existence of God?
    On Sunday 4-26-15, Portland Community Church hosted a Christian/atheist discussion on the topic "Why do you believe (or not) in the existence of God?" The video of that debate is now available for free online viewing:
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