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‘WWE SuperCard’ Review: The new mobile card game champion

WWE Super Card


“WWE SuperCard” is the best mobile game of 2014.

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2K Games
‘WWE SuperCard’ Review: The new mobile card game champion
2K Games

Simple in presentation, but deep in content, “WWE SuperCard” will catch you by surprise. Surprise meaning you’d never think that a little app with WWE characters could steal hours of your life, but it does.

Using the WWE license better than any other mobile game prior, Cat Daddy Games and 2K’s “WWE Super Card” is a game every member of the WWE Universe should have on his/her device. Great in short bursts or on long treks, it’s possible to have a quick match or an epic King of the Ring experience whenever you please.

If you’ve been turned off by the less than stellar WWE mobile games in the past, from the crappy beat-em-ups to the “Angry Birds” rip-offs, don’t fret, “WWE Super Card” is a completely different kind of animal.

It’s like going from Doink The Clown to Brock Lesnar.

It’s easy to get scared when you see a wrestling game on the mobile and then find out it’s also a card game. Both games haven’t had the most success on the mobile and for good reason. For a wrestling game to work, you need great control, solid graphics and cool characters. Card games just need easy to follow rules and decent pick up and play gameplay.

Just to set the record straight, “WWE SuperCard” is not a wrestling game. It’s more a simple, but addictive card game, powered by the WWE Universe. Using simple “War” rules, each character has four characteristics, Toughness, Power, Speed and Charisma. Before each fight, the computer will pick a trait or two that the fight will be based on and it’s up to you to throw in the highest-rated WWE Superstar, Legend, Diva or Tag Team you have in your deck of five cards. Each battle consists of three fights, so you’ll have to use all of your cards wisely.

It’s a simple experience, but one that would make Ron Simmons scream, “Damn.”

It’s that much fun.

It sounds simple enough and it is, but with hundreds of unlockable cards and a cool King of the Ring mode that forces you to develop even more than your normal deck and look for energy cards to replenish your health and other stats, “WWE SuperCard” is loaded with playability.

The fact that there are seven tiers of cards, ranging from your standard common cards to epic cards, all which can be leveled up as well and it’s easy to see that “WWE SuperCard is beyond addictive. Each card also comes with a marker, which can make it compatible with other cards, setting up tag teams that give you a status boost to take out your opponents. You just don’t expect a card game on mobile devices to be this well-thought out and work so well.

Because of this, it’s common to get wrapped up in your team. Almost like “Pokémon,” you’ll squeal in joy when you level up a card, or find another rare card to add to your deck. While the multiplayer mode lacks any real personality and “WWE SuperCard” is a wonderfully fun single-player experience.

Overall, not only is “WWE SuperCard” a game that is a blast to play, it’s an experience that makes you wonder how great “WWE 2K15” will. If 2K can do a mobile card game this well, imagine how great the next-gen version of the WWE series is going to be.

The Good:

Huge Roster of WWE Stars: You’ll smile every time a legend you never expected comes into the game, From Andre the Giant, to Jake “The Snake” Roberts and even Mr. McMahon himself. Simply put, this game is loaded with some of the most recognizable faces in the past and present of the company. With promised roster updates as well, the game is only going to get better.

Easy to Play: It’s just a battle of numbers. Train your team by combining them with other cards and build your deck. Although it involves investing a lot of your time, it’s still a blast.

Perfect for Mobile: The loads uber quickly and matches take less than a minute. It’s the perfect game to play while waiting for a bus or waiting for your lunch at a fast-food restaurant.

The Bad:

Just a Numbers Game: In the end, while the simplicity of the game is wonderful and a huge drawing factor, it’s simply just a numbers game. The added element of support cards spices up the gameplay in a great way, but some gamers may avoid the game because it doesn’t have as many gameplay bells as whistles as you’d expect.

Final Thoughts:

“WWE SuperCard” is a blast to play and a game that you don’t have to be a fan of the WWE to enjoy, but it helps. The engine for this game is so perfect for mobile devices that 2K could have a monster on their hands. It would work well with basically any type of property with a large cast of characters.

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