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'Walk Don't Run (1966)' Movie Review: Slow down

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'Walk Don't Run (1966)'


It was when I noticed that the Winter Olympic games in Sochi were coming up next month that I remembered a cute movie that I used to watch with my parents. 'Walk Don't Run' is about a young woman who posts on the British Embassy Bulletin board about subletting part of her one bedroom apartment. It's Tokyo and the 1964 Olympic Games are in town and there is no room at the inn so to speak. Christine Easton (Samantha Eggar) did not have any idea of what it would cost her when she made that move.

In comes, Sir William Rutland (Cary Grant) knocking on the door for the room. You see he has come to town two days before the Olympics to start on some business. Christine sublets the area and the two come up with their bathroom times and kitchen time etc. It's not easy but they will survive. Bill as he is called is only going to be there for a couple of nights.

Well, Bill goes to work the next day and runs into an architect and Olympic participant Steve Davis (Jim Hutton). Bill is fascinated by this young American. The conversation starts to wander about accommodations as Steve has come early and the Olympic committee doesn't have his room ready, so Bill tells him about the flat he is sharing.

Now Christine was happy to let one person come in but two that is not going to happen. Well, it does and the three actually try to keep their time schedule working. Unfortunately, it doesn't all work out but funny things begin to happen between Christine and Steve, and Bill sees it. The two are falling for each other. Bill tries to become match maker and it actually seems to start to take shape, at least it does until Christine's fiance comes into the picture. Julius D. Haversack (John Standing) is a lower secretary at the British Embassy. He is a stable boring person who might make someone a happy husband but Christine starts to see the writing on the wall.

This is a cute easy lighthearted film that will make you laugh at every turn. Director Charles Walters does a beautiful job putting this film together. So slow down and take in this film when you have a chance and remember, walk don't run.