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Tom McConnell's 'Handiwork'

Tom McConnell 'Handiwork' EP


I was not kidding when I said that Christian music acts with Irish heritage are unto something. If this is indeed a trend it is one that we love as it brings so much diversity and flavor to contemporary Christian music. Barely four months after Rend Collection and The Remission Flow we have yet another Irish-born act set to storm into the contemporary Christian music scene.

Handiwork cover art
Tom McConnell

Meet Tom McConnell.

McConnell is no stranger to the Christian music industry being that he was the former guitarist of Mars Hill Musicʼs ʻCitizensʼ and has toured extensively since returning to the UK in late 2012 including live performances at Londonʼs Royal Albert Hall and Edinburgh Castle.

McConnell is now taking the solo route and as a first approach has dropped a four-track EP entitled “Handiwork." Though his debut single ʻHoneybeeʼ was well received, peaking at #16 on the iTunes singer-songwriter chart in February 2014, this new collection offers more depth, honesty and musicality than anything he has released to date.

Tom had stated that the project "Handiwork" is inspired by the idea that we are the workmanship of God, created for His purpose and graciously redeemed for His work (just like it says in Ephesians 2:10). "I love how God gifts us all differently - some are instruments designed to sing His song, others are hammers made to build His church - and just as He gives us these gifts, He gives us ways to use them that demonstrate His glory through our redemption!”
"The sound of the EP is designed to reflect its joyful message. It contains a whole lotta banjo-pickinʼ, harmonies upon harmonies, and the kind of good old-fashioned ʻstomp- clapperyʼ essential for anyoneʼs summer soundtrack.” he concluded.

So if you like Irish music then you are in for a full dosage of it (well not exactly a full dosage as this project samples only four tracks).

Tom McConnell explores his heritage to the fullest in "Handiwork" The album opens with the title track "Handiwork" which is a full blown Irish song with Celtic, accent (even though subtle) and all.“Handiwork” EP also houses tunes like the modern day psalms-like “And Can It Be,” modern day worship themed "Old Hymns" as well as the lovely "The Wedding Song."

The singer has successful created an aura of a smooth, mellow, and meaningful sound. I most especially like that it isn't this all-up-in-your-face aggressive sound.The theme focuses mainly on the singer's faith in Christ. The lyrics span from singing about being God's handiwork made for a purpose, to God's gift of salvation. He perfectly blends indie worship and Irish sounds together, and I can't wait to see him grow as a vocalist and artist. I most especially hope to see his vocal improve, and to see him take on songs even more challenging.

"Handiwork" EP is now available on iTunes

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