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The Samsung Galaxy Tab3; Android perfection

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3


It has been almost two years since I had the pleasure of reviewing a Samsung Galaxy model. My original Galaxy, the Galaxy Player 5 was reviewed in a “rumble in the electronic jungle” fashion, putting it head to head with the then current iPod Touch 4. It was a technical KO for the Samsung, as it beat the iPod Touch in most cases.

Fast forward to 2014. I came across an ad at a local mall offering the Galaxy Tab3 (with 4g service from Sprint) and decided to give it a whirl, seeing that the price is right.

Testing (not including 3/4g service) included;

  • Viewing pleasure
  • Sound quality (with and without head phones)
  • App availability
  • Customizability
  • Expandability
  • Ease of Use
  • WiFi sensitivity
  • Battery life

For over all viewing pleasure, including glare resistance, the Galaxy Player with its large 7” WSVGA TFT (1024 X 600) Touch screen is extremely easy to see and get around in, even without reading glasses.

Whether you are using the OEM ear buds (not included), external speakers (Bluetooth or corded), or the aux jack in a car, the sound quality and volume controls excellent. There was no distortion, nor difference in the highs, lows or sound at all no matter what the connection.

As for apps, you can choose between many different android app repositories in addition to Google Play Store. They include Slideme, GetJar and AppBrain. They give you access to many additional apps, including those not authorized by Google Play. To download and use them, you simply check off the option for “unknown sources” in your settings menu.

The Galaxy allows for more vibrant animation with certain apps, such as “Beautiful Widgets” in the Android Market Place (free on There are also more “pimping out” apps that are free for android.

The Galaxy Tab3 is extremely expandable. It has 16 gigs standard but can take up to a 64 gig expansion mICROSD card.

Touch and play is the name of the game. Screens are easily navigated through. Due to its task manager, the Galaxy is also giving you the ability to multi task.

WiFi sensitivity has (in my opinion) has been a downfall for some other devices. That is not the case here. With the WiFi router tucked in a corner bedroom, and the signal going through a level of HW floors and some old horse hair plaster walls, I still got three bars out of 5.

Battery life is amazing. After being unplugged for over 6 hours, it appears to still have 90% of its battery charge, despite several rounds of Angry Birds and Words with friends and even some actual work. During peak usage times which included a Bluetooth keyboard and WiFi access, I got close to 7 hours of battery time.

To the victor, go the spoils. The Samsung Galaxy Player is definitely an excellent choice here. You can learn more at, or just go buy one..

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