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The nitty gritty on Lotions Potions and Notions products

Lotions Potions and Notions Eczema Salve, Kittie Crack, Incense, Bronchitis Rub


Bright Blessings.

Some of the products
Lotions Potions and Notions

Today is the first in a series of Michigan based Pagan product reviews of local Pagan businesses, artisans, merchants, and service providers, so let us kick this off with Lotions, Potions, and Notions. This company, owned and operated by L.J. Rose, is a one woman show online business, but she also makes her wares available during convention season. The next one will be at ConVocation 2014, an event held annually by the Magical Education Council.

The products created at this company are the creations of L.J. Rose, a virtuoso in the field of Herbalism, Magical Herbalism, Metaphysics, and Instruction, an ordained minister, a master reiki practitioner and a published writer. The company assures the buyer that

"products that are made without preservatives or animal by-products (with the exception of the rawhide rattles and beaded amulet bags) in a smoke-free and pet-free environment"

Having visited the actual location, which will not be divulged here as it is a privately held property, this writer can vouch for the veracity of that statement.

The products that were purchased and used were the Eczema Salve, Acne Face Cleanser, House Purification Incense, Bronchitis Rub (which, under full disclosure, was given without charge), and Kittie Crack. Each item was tested for effectiveness, longevity, and value.

The Eczema Salve was found to be very effective, did not turn rancid after a year, and was reasonably priced. Application to the areas with outbreak resulted in relief in as little as one day. Since it is a natural product, it is wise to store out of hot areas, as the beeswax can get really oozey when warm. It solidifies fine when returned to room temperature.

The Acne Face Cleanser was creamy and pleasantly scented from the natural ingredients. It did not go bad after months of use, and was a good skin cleanser. No adverse reactions were experienced, and a better complexion was observed. Good price point as well.

House Purification Incense was a good uniform blend of even burning ingredients. The smoke was not agitating, and the scent was pleasant. The ingredients proved effective, and the incense was field tested on a volunteer's home. The tested resident's home felt good and the change in the atmosphere was reported as long lasting by the resident. The incense must be used with a charcoal burner. At $1.00, it is a steal of a buy.

Bronchitis Rub was tested in the field by the writer, who is a chronic asthmatic and worker in a child care facility by trade. Notable relief in symptoms was experienced. The ingredients listed were perfectly blended for effect. The salve was smooth and kept very well. Still effective after a year. Priced very reasonably.

Kittie Crack, the most famous of the products aimed at the furry and familiar friends many Pagans have. This is perhaps the best product this writer has ever seen when it comes to entertainment and satisfaction value regarding being good to animal companions. They absolutely go bonkers for it. Even after a year, the kitties at this homestead are going crazy for the little muslin bag, licking it, tossing it, and generally capering around the house.

The scent to humans fades a little after a year, but does not seem to bother the animals in their pursuit of it. It does need replacing after 8 months for maximum joy factor for watching the battle for bag supremacy between the cats. There are now also bunny crack and puppy crack, however these were not tested by this author. The price is actually very low in comparison to commercial treats that do not do half the job.

This company receives a hearty and enthusiastic thumbs up.

If you wish to view the products, or order them, the online site is

Blessed Be.

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