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'The Broker's Man Series 1' DVD Review: Investigative drama at its best

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'The Broker's Man Series 1'


Jimmie Griffin (Kevin Whately) is an insurance investigator who goes the extra mile for his clients. Jimmie used to be a cop until he was let go. He still has the camaraderie with his ex-mates and receives help when he needs it. Jimmie also has problems with his family life. You see he is divorced from his wife and is always late with the money and she in turn has to take him before the board.

Now he does try to stay in contact with the kids but when he has to go to the continent to do some investigative work, he sometimes misses his play dates. His children are caught between his professional and personal life. This also gets his wife upset with him. Sally (Annette Ekblom) has little patience for Jimmie as she has heard every excuse in the book. You see the investigative firm that he works for from time to time also has a woman by the name of Gabby (Michelle Fairley) the woman he had an affair with.

Jimmie is a good agent. He is a professional and hard working from the get go. The police training that he received is a god send in this job. The head of the insurance firm, a man by the name of Alex (Peter Firth) seems to just want to bust his chops all the time. In the end though he knows Jimmie is the best.

The series also stars Al Hunter Ashton and Sarah-Jane Potts to round out the Griffin Investigative Firm. Acorn Entertainment is bringing us series 1 out on DVD Feb. 4, 2014. The quality of the DVD is of the highest. Sound and visuals are right on.

Kevin Whately from the series Inspector Morse and Inspector Lewis, is well suited to play this role. He brings to this series a proven record of great performances from many BBC investigative dramas. This is one for the home library as you will want to see the programs over and over again. So enjoy and look forward to more from 'The Broker's Man'.