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Tender and funny glimpse into friendship ‘Bunny Bunny’ is a must see

“Bunny Bunny – A Sort of Romantic Comedy”


Gilda Radner and Alan Zweibel first met at the birth of “Saturday Night Live.” She was a nervous cast member poised on her big break, he a petrified writer about to begin the gig of his life. Forged in that moment their unconventional friendship lasted Radner’s all-too-short life and still lives in Zweibel’s heart. Audience members got a glimpse of their tender, funny and bittersweet relationship on opening night of “Bunny Bunny A Sort of Romantic Comedy” Friday, February 8, 2014 at the Falcon Theatre.

‘Alan’ (Brendan Hunt), ‘Gilda’ (Erin Pineda) and ‘Everyone Else’ (Tom Fonss).
‘Alan’ (Brendan Hunt), ‘Gilda’ (Erin Pineda) and ‘Everyone Else’ (Tom Fonss).
Chelsea Sutton
‘Alan’ (Brendan Hunt) and ‘Gilda’ (Erin Pineda).
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Penned by Emmy-winning Zweibel and deftly directed by Dimitri Toscas this gem of a show features a talented cast, as well as interesting staging/projection, fun costumes and a soundtrack of 70s and 80s hits to evoke time and place.

Capturing Radner’s humor, loyalty and foibles, Erin Pineda paints an endearing portrait of the person behind the extraordinary public comedienne. Brendan Hunt (Alan) inspires empathy and sympathy for his unrequited plight as he balances deep friendship with his yearning for much more.

Three cheers for Tom Fonss who plays “Everyone Else” delightfully changing personas (and costumes) in the wink of an eye. Loved his Gene Wilder and Garry Shandling!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner this show is a great choice for an entertaining date night . . . with lovers or friends. For those who remember the origins of SNL and admired Radner’s gifts as well as the writers who made those skits so memorable, “Bunny Bunny” is a must see!

“Bunny Bunny – A Sort of Romantic Comedy” performs Wednesday through Sunday closing 4 p.m. Sunday, March 2, 2014. Ticket prices are previews $29.50 – $32.00, opening night $52.00 – $57.00, weekdays (Wed/Thurs) $34.50 – $37.00, weekends (Fri/Sat/Sun) $39.50 – $42.00 and Student Rate (valid student ID) $27.00. Call 828-955-8101 or visit

Falcon Theatre is located at 4252 Riverside Dr. in Burbank.