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Skincare Facts: What really works?

Visible results, the test of tim
Visible results, the test of tim

Glissandra Skin Care


After decades of reviewing skincare products and representing the finest luxury spa line, Epicuren Discovery, it is rare to find a skincare line that really makes a difference. I have sampled so many lately for a trial period of at least a month or two. Some smell good, others feel good and most don’t do anything. In fact, some are drying and others are just annoyingly bland, dulling the skin and making it feel blah.

I was asked to try out a new skincare line from Canada. For some reason, Canada has higher scruples than the US in approving specific ingredients. Lately, the buzz is all about Nerium. Here’s the backstory, “The Nerium product line is the first of its kind. It uses a patent-pending extraction process yielding the NAE-8 extract used in each age-defying Nerium product. During advanced research on the uses of the Nerium oleander plant, an accidental discovery was made: the unique properties of Nerium oleander provided remarkable age-defying results when applied to the skin. This finding led to the formation of Nerium International and the creation of the NeriumAD skincare line.” However, they had to change some of the ingredients which the Canadians did not approve so they had to alter the ingredients slightly. Many of my friends are using Nerium and rave about it’s positive results. Their skin looks great too.

Another new line, The Glissandra™3-Step Skincare System is the first skincare regimen to safely and effectively target the major causes of skin aging by harnessing the healing powers of the Schisandra berry.

Here’s the backstory: “The desire to maintain a youthful appearance dates back centuries and crosses cultures. In China's earliest herbal text, it was said that the Schisandra berry could prolong the years of life without aging. It's one of a select few herbs to be called elite because of its incredible properties. By the time of the Great Ming Dynasty, Chinese women of the Imperial Court were taken with Schisandra, claiming it preserved a youthful appearance and helped one become radiant. By the 1950s, scientists coined a name for Schisandra's incredible properties: adaptogen. The plant-derived agent helps the body adapt to stress, whether physical, mental, environmental or a combination. As an adaptogen, Schisandra has a powerful balancing and normalizing effect that Glissandra™ researchers realized could play an important role in skincare. With its ability to retain fluids and utilize oxygen, Schisandra effectively supports the natural ability of skin cells to combat mitochondrial decay – the fundamental cause of skin aging on the cellular level. Many years of research and study have allowed Glissandra™ scientists to perfect what nature invented hundreds of years ago.”

According to WebMD online, schisandra berry it is a natural anti-oxidative and energy generating product that helps fight free radicals and has anti-aging properties with visible results. The best part is that it is a fruit that is used as food and also to make medicine. Used as an adaptogen for increasing resistance to disease and stress, increasing energy, physical performance and endurance. Schisandra is also used for preventing early aging and increasing lifespan; normalizing blood sugar and blood pressure; and stimulating the immune system and speeding recovery after surgery. The chemicals in schisandra improve liver function by stimulating enzymes (proteins that speed up biochemical reactions) in the liver and promoting liver cell growth.
There are many other facets of this miracle berry.

So the main ingredients in Glissandra, Glissandrin TM, is a form of the schisandra berry which is used for internal ingestion, whereas Nerium with Oleander is poisonous. The top wholistic and integrative medical experts would agree that your skin soaks up all the ingredients and it flows into your body. If you bathe in water that has toxic elements, like fluoride, it goes right into your body. If you swim in an ocean that has toxic chemicals, it makes you sick. Which one would you feel more safe?

Craig Peloquin of Glissandra, an expert in skincare marketing for these products has broken down the efficacy of the line.

“Do you want to know what the Schisandrin B extract is doing for your skin every time you apply it? Here is just a tiny little snapshot of the powerful benefits associated with this herb:
• Boosts the Natural Antioxidant System
• Targets Mitochondrial Decay
• Enhances Protection from UV
• Supports Repair of UV Damage
• Helps to Prevent Loss of Collagen and Elastin

Many of the other products in the world today target the effects of aging and Glissandra is the ONLY product in the world that targets the root cause of aging: mitochondrial decay.”
You can also go to and find independent, unsolicited research on this as well.

When searching for a new skincare system that really works for you, do your research, try out the products to see what feels right and gives you visible results and enjoy your refreshed, radiant new skin!


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