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Shaving with Women's Five Blade Razor by -- a review

Women's 5 Blade Razor by
Women's 5 Blade Razor by

Women's Five Blade razor by


The Women's Five Blade by arrived with its hot pink handle and several cartridges enclosed in their own plastic covers. Inside the box was also a 4 x 5 card with tips on how to use the razor and how to get a softer, smoother shave.

On the plus side, the razor company makes men's and women's razors that compare in quality to the Gillette Venus, Fusion, and Mach III but cost about half the price. The razors are made with ceramic-coated blades and a 360 degree lubricating strip. The Womens 5 Blade with 12 Cartridges is normally $25.95 but there is a special $9.95 introductary offer going on now. makes their blades in the U.S. rather than outsourcing, and makes a razor designed specifically for a woman's needs. The razors are delivered with no shipping costs.

On the negative side, the razors come with no instructions on how to apply and remove the blades. For someone who has always used an inexpensive two-blade razor, the cartridge was a challenge to put on, especially after it was dropped in the water during one attempt and the lubricating strip made it impossible to handle safely. The shave was smooth, but not noticeably closer than with a two-blade. I managed to nick myself in the shaving process, although perhaps not as deeply as a regular razor. Sensitive skin will still need treatment after shaving with the Women's 5 Blade.

Final thoughts: The Women's Five Blade razor by is a nice razor for shaving, less expensive than its primary competition but pricier than basic razors which do as good a job. There did not appear to be a place to see the cost of the replacement cartridges to see if in the long run, simply replacing the cartridges might make the razor more economical.


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