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‘Rose Guide to End-times Prophecy, by Dr. Timothy Paul Jones

Rose Publishing
by Dr. Timothy Paul Jones

...provides a simplified, unbiased and clear overview of end-times prophecies...


‘Rose Guide to End-times Prophecy,' by Dr. Timothy Paul Jones, Rose Publishing, 2011, 300 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1596364196, $19.99

The Rose prophecy guide begins with Matthew 24:3 where the Apostles ask Jesus, "…when will these things be, and what will be the sign of your coming, and of the end of the age?"

Jesus’s description of signs to look for include events we see featured on nightly news broadcasts, such as wars, famines and earthquakes, with the devastating Japanese tornado May 5, 2012 the most recent. Catastrophes like Japan’s devastating tsunami and Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of Louisiana have become so frequent and common ABC’s Diane Sawyer featured “Weird Weather Phenomena” in news broadcasts now available on YouTube:

These and other events cause many to believe we are the end-times generation Jesus prophesied about, however, eschatology invites heated debate because of complex and differing viewpoints found in Scripture.

Although arguments will most likely continue, “Rose Guide to End-time Prophecy” offers a clear and concise presentation of four predominant views of end-time events. For example on the question of when the rapture and the second coming of Christ occur, Jones’ chart, page 306, is easy to understand by group and belief.

He describes three of four distinct groups, Amillennialists, Postmillennialists and Historical pre-millennialists who believe the rapture, where Christians are “caught up in the Clouds to meet the Lord” and the second coming of Christ occurs at the same time.

However, Dispensational pre-millennialists believe the rapture and Christ’s return are separate events. Some believe the rapture occurs before seven years of tribulation, known as “pre-trib,” while others believe the rapture transpires three-and-a-half years into tribulation, known as “mid-trib.” Still others believe the event happens at the end of seven years of tribulation, known as “post-trib.”

Jones’s guide also explores two views of the End-Times temple and four methods to interpret the Book of Revelation and Ezekiel’s Temple vision. Readers find three different views of the Book of Daniel, the statues, beasts, goats and the seventy weeks, besides explanations for the Beasts, the number—666, Antichrist, Armageddon and Tribulation.

Award-winning author and scholar, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones, with advanced degrees in biblical literature and pastoral ministry, provides a simplified, unbiased and clear overview of end-times prophecies. His refreshing, informative and balanced approach combines with stunning artwork, colorful charts, pictures and diagram comparisons that streamline an otherwise mysterious and confusing topic.

Russell D. Moore, Provost, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary wrote, Dr. Jones takes prophecy “…seriously…he refuses to hide under a bushel of scholarly jargon or of sensationalistic hype.”

I found the book, insightful, intriguing, and amazing, yet filled with Scripture that provides a “… step-by-step understanding of God’s promises and prophecies…” I recommend it as a Bible companion, especially useful in individual or small group study.

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