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Review: Evolution vs. God – The Movie

Evolution vs. God: Shaking The Foundations of Faith


On August 7, Ray Comfort from Living Waters Ministry released another “film” on YouTube. This time it is a 38-minute anti-evolution film called, “Evolution vs. God: Shaking The Foundations of Faith.” As with his last two films, I watched it so you don’t have to.

Evolution vs. God
Living Waters Ministry

Like his previous YouTube films, “The 180 Movie” and “Genius: The Movie,” Comfort relies mostly on his signature Q&A technique of asking mostly unsuspecting young people a series of misleading and leading questions. As always, he edits the street interviews in a rather choppy fashion so that we are not sure how many questions were actually asked, what order they were asked in, or even if the answers given matched the questions seemingly being asked.

Where this film breaks from Comfort’s usual routine is that instead of finding the dumbest people on the planet, Comfort asks seemingly intelligent college students and even a small handful of expert biologists like PZ Myers.

Comfort wants his victims to present him with one piece of “observable” evidence of one creature evolving into another creature. He insists that the evolving creatures must be different in “kind.” Basically, he is demanding to see a cat magically transform into a dog right before his eyes.

While watching the film, I was at first confused as to why someone like PZ Myers didn’t
attempt to inform Comfort that evolution didn’t work that way and then present some really good evidence for evolution like the telomeres of chromosome 2. But then it occurred to me that he probably did but that his longer explanation was almost certainly lost on the cutting room floor.

What was not left on the cutting room floor however, was Comfort’s famous morality quiz. He asks his interviewees if they have ever lied, stole, blasphemed, or looked at someone with lust. Then he pronounces them evil sinners and informs them that God being such a swell judge tortured and killed his own son so that they could get off the hook – you know, like any good judge would do. – Apparently anyone can simply accept the sentence of a murderer and a judge should gladly release the murderer back on the street. Okay, Comfort obviously didn’t phrase it like that, but that was the gist of his ridiculous argument.

Ironically enough, while Comfort insinuates in the film that atheists have no moral problem lying, he does more than his fair share of attempting to deceive people in this film and with this film. Still, this film was quite a bit better than his last two. Despite being wrong about the facts, this film was more persuasive than his previous films.

It also helped that he actually interviewed smart people this time -- although since he mislead them, lied to them, and edited the Hell out of them, I don’t think it makes that much of a difference.

Since Comfort feels comfortable quoting prominent atheists and scientists throughout his “Evolution vs. God” movie it is only fair that I end this review with a quote from Stephen Hawking:

“There is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on authority and science, which is based on observation and reason. Science will win because it works.”

Reviewer’s Note: You can kill your brain cells by watching the full film in the sidebar.

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