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Reaper Bones review #188: Darkrasp, Death Priest

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Darkrasp, Death Priest


The scythe is a funny thing. It has a dual association with nature and death, because scythes are associated with harvesting, and death harvests souls. Both types of characters, the druid and the necromancer, are common archetypes in Dungeons & Dragons, so when a guy walks around with a scythe, it's easy to get confused. This may be why Darkrasp really commits with his name: it leaves no uncertainty in his chosen profession.

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Thing is, Darkrasp could pass for a druid as well. He's also one of the few sculpts reading from a scroll, which isn't common. A censer dangles from chains around his chest and waist. The scroll is wound up in bone, and the scythe appears to be made from the spine of some poor soul. And there are little skeletons on the chains, and some fangs dangling from the know what? Nevermind, Darkrasp couldn't possibly be a druid (unless you don't look too closely).

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