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'Pink Floyd: Live At Pompeii (1972)' Devastatingly beautiful

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'Pink Floyd: Live At Pompeii (1972)'


In the year 79 AD the volcano Vesuvius destroyed the Roman City of Pompeii. It smothered the city in lava and ash. Some 1,800 years later it was discovered and the slow excavation started to begin. Approximately 100 years later the rock band Pink Floyd would perform in it's amphitheater. 'The Pink Floyd: Live At Pompeii' would take place in the year 1972.

This documentary of one the greatest bands is a masterpiece to say the least. The band made up of David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, Richard Wright would begin the documentary with one of it's very misunderstood songs "Echoes". For the purist of Pink Floyd fans "Echoes" is as "Stairway to Heaven" is to a Led Zeppelin fan, a favorite. It is broken into two parts and started in the beginning of the documentary and finished at the end.

In the documentary, you have other songs played in the amphitheater like "Eugene", "A Saucerful of Secrets", "One of the Days", and set the controls for the "Heat of the Sun". In the background to these songs you will see the frescoes of the old city. As well as walks along the volcano of Vesuvius with the band laughing and enjoying themselves. In the city, you can see the devastation that took place so long ago. In it though you can also see the beauty that once was. To see this city as it was would be a joy, and at close to the end of the documentary you can see in computer graphics what the old city might have looked like before it's destruction.

The documentary also has the band working in the city on the album "Dark Side of the Moon". You see the camaraderie as you also get those little flare ups when you get a bunch of artists together. Each wanting to be heard and understood.

Some of the better moments are of the band sitting in the cafeteria joking and laughing at each. You see the economic beliefs of Roger Waters. You see Nick Mason wanting specific pieces of pie without the crusts. You hear of the fall of the rock and roll world which technically had only begun in 1967. It's a laugh seeing these lads just sitting there talking and enjoying themselves.

Director Adrian Maben brings us the personal side of the band as well as some of the greatest music ever to be played in an amphitheater. If only the people of Pompeii could have heard what was being played in their city. Yeah I think they would have liked it. This is one documentary that you must have. If you are purist of Floyd you definitely have to have it. Enjoy.