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Movie review: Vantage Point

Vantage Point
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Movie review: Vantage Point


At a summit meeting in Spain, President Ashton is shot on stage. The minutes immediately before and after the shooting are then replayed over and over from the perspective of several different onlookers: the Secret Service agents, a tourist, a newscaster, and a terrorist.

Dennis Quaid (Barnes), Matthew Fox (Kent), Forest Whitaker (Howard), Said Taghmaoui (Suarez), Ayelet Zurer (Veronica), William Hurt (President Ashton).

I enjoyed the somewhat unique way the story was told in this film. Things started a bit slow but with some good development that was needed later in the film. Once the action started though, things moved extremely quick and a LOT of information is thrown at the audience very fast. Even with the film method of showing all the different perspectives, putting everything together and understanding the role of each person when information was flowing so quickly was a challenge. At the same time, it is exactly what made this movie interesting. Blink and you will miss something and have a difficult time catching back up.

Camera work was well done, particularly considering some of the views overlapped but the scenes were from different perspectives. Dialogue, sound, and sets were all very well done and the film appeared to have a decent budget.

Acting was good from Fox, Whitaker, Taghmaoui, Zurer, Hurt and most of the supporting cast. I was a bit disappointed in Quaid as he seemed stoic through a lot of the film and even uninterested in parts.

Billed as a political thriller, I would say this is also a very good action flick with lots of guns, explosions, and nice car chase sequence. Overall this is a movie well worth watching if you like either genre.

Quite a bit of violence, some blood, and foul language but really this one is okay for preens and above.

Released: 2007
Reviewed: 11.5.13
Star rating: 4 out of 5
Genre: Thrillers, Political Thrillers, Espionage Thrillers, Suspense

copyright ©2013 Dave Riedel

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