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Movie review: The Naked Gun

The Naked Gun
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Movie review: The Naked Gun


Frank Drebin is a cop determined to find his partner's killer. He is also oblivious of common sense and social convention. While tracking down the killer, Frank stumbles upon a plot to kill Queen Elizabeth and realizes the cases may be related.

Leslie Nielsen (Frank), Priscilla Presley (Jane), Ricardo Montalban (Vincent), George Kennedy (Ed), O.J. Simpson (Nordberg), Susan Beaubian (Mrs. Nordberg), Nancy Marchand (Mayor), Raye Birk (Pahpshmir).

The Naked Gun starts off silly and just continues the silly until you can't take it anymore. The film does have a plot but who cares? This is about goofy, slapstick comedy and anything else is really just filler. Think of some of the silliest things you can, and how much different every day life would be if silly things happened constantly and you have The Naked Gun.

Acting was amusing if not high quality. Nielsen does well with great facial expressions and plays a straight-man nicely. Presley also did nicely, playing well against Nielsen and bringing plenty of laughs on her own. Montalban made a great antagonist as always. Kennedy, Simpson and the remainder of the supporting cast were appropriately silly throughout.

Camera work, sets, and backgrounds were solid and nicely done. The film appears to have had a good budget and balanced cast with settings well. Physical effects were goofy and fit the film well. Dialogue was campy with plenty of humor of all types. Sound and soundtrack were well done.

The Naked Gun is classic slapstick comedy and shouldn't be missed if you haven't seen it before. If you desire intelligent comedy this probably isn't for you. If you enjoy silly slapstick make sure to check this one out.

With some mildly raunchy humor this one should actually be fine for preens and above.

Released: 1988
Reviewed: 4.6.14
Star rating: 4 out of 5
Genre: Comedies, Slapstick Comedy, Satire

copyright ©2014 Dave Riedel

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