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Movie review: The Grudge 3

The Grudge 3
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Movie review: The Grudge 3


After seeing his family killed by an apparent evil curse, Jake tries desperately to convince his psychiatrist that he is destined for the same fate. At the same time, a young woman from Japan arrives with the belief she can stop the curse once and for all.

Matthew Knight (Jake), Shawnee Smith (Dr. Sullivan), Ailo Horiuchi (Kayako), Emi Ikehata (Naoko), Johanna Braddy (Lisa), Beau Mirchoff (Andy), Jadie Hobson (Rose), Marina Sirtis (Gretchen), Gil McKinney (Max).

The Grudge 3 begins with Jake trying to convince Dr. Sullivan there is a problem in an attempt at tying this film together with the previous two. From there the story focuses on Rose and her family as once again strange things begin to happen. As the story evolves things continue to get stranger while the storyline struggles to explain itself. As Lisa wears less and less throughout the film, the story finally winds down with an attempted reversal of the curse.

Acting was mediocre with Knight probably delivering one of the best performances. Smith was pretty good in her role as usual. Braddy was okay despite attempts to distract with tank tops and some mild sexuality. McKinney, Ikehata, Hobson, and Mirchoff did well in their roles although most felt a bit inexperienced.

Camera work was pretty good with nice framing, color, and perspective. Sets and backgrounds were fairly simple and uninteresting. CGI effects were well done as with the other two films however there wasn't really anything new which was disappointing. Physical effects were decent. Dialogue was somewhat simple and lacking energy. Sound and soundtrack were both good.

Overall The Grudge 3 feels like an attempt at keeping the franchise alive but there just isn't enough here that is new and interesting to make the film worthwhile. Serious fans of the series may enjoy this one and the extension of the story. Others may find it lacking depth or a point of reference if they haven't seen the first two films.

With plenty of gore, violence, disturbing images, mild sexuality, and foul language save this for older teens and above.

Released: 2009
Reviewed: 2.4.14
Star rating: 2 out of 5
Genre: Horror Movies, Supernatural Horror Movies

copyright ©2014 Dave Riedel

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