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Movie review: Parker

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Movie review: Parker


Parker may be a thief, but he also has ethics. He doesn't steal from or hurt those who don't deserve it. That code has served him well but when things go wrong during a heist his crew double-crosses him. Fighting to set things right, Parker teams up with an unusual partner.

Jason Statham (Parker), Jennifer Lopez (Leslie), Michael Chiklis (Melander), Wendell Pierce (Carlson), Clifton Collins Jr. (Ross), Bobby Cannavale (Jake), Carlos Carrasco (Norte), Emma Booth (Claire), Nick Nolte (Hurley), Daniel Bernhardt (Kroll), Micah Hauptman (August).

Parker begins, or course, with the big heist that goes wrong, setting the storyline for the film into motion. Add in a double-cross or two right up front and the storyline acquires some depth and is set on a course for disaster. With Parker now alienated from his crew and his ethics violated he sets out on a destructive path to set things right.

Acting from Statham and the remainder of the cast was well done. Lopez was an interesting addition but really didn't bring much more than a pretty face. Chiklis, Pierce, Cannavale, Hauptman, and the rest of the crew did nicely with good depth and delivery. Nolte was another interesting choice and seemed to fit the film well.

Camera work, sets, and backgrounds were will done with an authentic and realistic feel. Physical effects were very well done and added quite a bit to the film, as they do with most Statham films. Dialogue was good and move the storyline along at a good pace, while sound and soundtrack were both as expected from a film of this quality.

Overall Parker is an enjoyable crime action & adventure film that for Statham, is somewhat on the mild side. Fans who don't enjoy their action too intense will like this one a lot, while die-hard Statham fans may be disappointed there isn't more action.

With plenty of violence, gore, foul language, and some sexuality save this for older teens and above.

Released: 2013
Reviewed: 10.6.13
Star rating: 3 out of 5
Genre: Crime Thrillers, Crime action & adventure, Action Thriller, Thriller, Action & Adventure

copyright ©2013 Dave Riedel

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