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Movie review: MOH: Dream Cruise

MOH: Dream Cruise
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Movie review: MOH: Dream Cruise


Jack is terrified of the water after an accident when he was younger in which his brother died and he blames himself. But on this day he goes on a yacht with a client, Eiji, and his wife Yuri, with whom Jack is having an affair. Little do they know that Naomi, Eiji’s first wife, has never forgiven him and is about to include them all in her plans for revenge.

Daniel Gillies (Jack Miller), Yoshino Kimura (Yuri Saito), Miho Ninagawa (Naomi Saito), Ryo Ishibashi (Eiji Saito).

Good character development in the beginning leads to a much more entertaining story later when the drama starts. It was however a bit hard to believe that there are so many ways to escape someone on a boat, or that Jack seemed unable to defend himself against Eiji who was a good 15 yrs older. The story was good, it just wasn’t delivered in a very believeable fashion. Things got even more challenging when the overdone special effects and CGI kicked in. That was about the same time the plot took a few detours that were hard to swallow. Toward the end, the film redeemed itself with a couple of nice twists and turned out half decent.

Acting was pretty good in this one although as mentioned, Jack’s character was somewhat inconsistent and could have been done better.

For a MOH entry the special effects were a disappointment. Sets, sound, and dialogue were all well done. Consistent with other MOH entries, the movie appears to have been supported by a decent budget and is of good quality.

Overall not one of the better Master’s of Horror entries. A decent film but, there are better ones in the MOH series.

No nudity, some foul language, violence, gore shots, and horror scenes. Save this one for teens and above and you should be fine.

Released: 2007
Reviewed: 11.5.13
Star rating: 2 out of 5
Genre: Horror, Psychological Thrillers

copyright ©2013 Dave Riedel

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