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Movie review: Happy Gilmore

Movie review: Happy Gilmore


If you can't make it as a professional hockey player what do you do? If you are Happy Gilmore, you become a professional golfer! With hopes of saving his Grandmother's house, Happy sets his sights on winning the PGA, irritating rival pro Shooter McGavin.

Happy Gilmore
dvd cover art

Adam Sandler (Happy), Christopher McDonald (Shooter), Julie Bowen (Virginia), Frances Bay (Grandma), Allen Covert (Otto), Bob Barker (Himself), Richardd Kiel (Larson), Dennis Dugan (Doug), Joe Flaherty (Heckler).

Happy Gilmore begins with some amusing character background and plot setup before moving into the storyline. Once Happy joins the PGA, things get funny fast as he brings silliness and antics to the golf course much to the ire of the other professional golfers. Of course, Happy learns some life lessons along the way, and teaches others a few, keeping the story light through the Happily Ever After ending.

Acting was pretty good with Sandler delivering his usual. McDonald was also in character as Happy's nemesis and did nicely. Bowen played nicely with everyone else and Bay was amusing as always. The remainder of the supporting cast was solid and entertaining.

Camera work, sets, and backgrounds were good and consistent with a high budgeted film. Physical effects were of the slapstick variety, as is normal for a Sandler flick, and good. Dialogue was campy and silly yet kept the movie entertaining. Sound and soundtrack were both well done.

Overall Happy Gilmore is an entertaining comedy that moves long nicely with plenty of laughs. Those wanting intellectual stimulation will be a bit disappointed while those just wanting some good laughs will likely enjoy the film quite a bit.

With foul language and some mild sexuality this should be fine for teens and above.

Released: 1996
Reviewed: 2.5.14
Star rating: 4 out of 5
Genre: Comedies, Sports Movies, Late Night Comedies, Slapstick Comedies, Sports Comedies

copyright ©2014 Dave Riedel

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