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Movie review: Gallowwalkers

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Movie review: Gallowwalkers


Aman is hunting, through a barren landscape, the men who brutally raped his lovely wife. He is also traveling with the curse that anyone he kills will return as a zombie.

Wesley Snipes (Aman), Kevin Howarth (Kansa), Riley Smith (Fabulos), Tanit Phoenix (Angel), Simona Brhlikova (Kisscut), Steven Elder (Apollo), Patrick Bergin (Gaza), Jay Grant (Slip Knot), Hector Hank (Hool).

Gallowwalkers starts off a bit strangely, then proceeds to get even stranger. The film is a mish-mash of flashbacks, out of sequence, and current events which almost end up being coherent. There seem to be two parallel storylines in the film. One being Aman's revenge for the rape of his wife, the second being some type of curse brought on by his mother that causes those he kills to return as zombies. At the same time, Aman himself is part of some strange tribe that apparently has unusual powers.

This was Snipes return to acting after his prison stint and it is easy to draw a parallel with his character here to Blade. Both were somewhat quiet, dark, and brooding and Snipes pulls it off well. Howarth played and interesting antagonist fairly well while Brhlikova came close to stealing his thunder with her sly looks and devious smile. The remainder of the supporting cast was at least interesting, most did pretty well.

Camera work was decent and practiced. Sets and backgrounds were interesting with plenty of desolate landscape and interesting buildings when they were used. Effects were mainly physical stunts which were well done. Dialogue was somewhat sparse, and a bit vague at times, but not bad. Sound and soundtrack both could have used a little help.

Overall Gallowwalkers is an unusual and eccentric film that blends old west style with zombies and a supernatural twist. Those who enjoy unusual films, or Snipes fans, will enjoy this the most while others may lose interest.

With plenty of violence, gore, some sexuality and foul language, save this for older teens and above.

Released: 2013
Reviewed: 12.9.13
Star rating: 2 out of 5
Genre: Horror Movies, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Supernatural Horror Movies, Zombie Horror Movies, Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy

copyright ©2013 Dave Riedel

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