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Movie review: Erik the Viking

Erik the Viking
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Movie review: Erik the Viking


Determined to acquire sunlight for his people, Erik the Viking sets out on a quest. Tired of living in the dark Age of Ragnorok, Erik and his crew hope to petition the gods into bringing back sunlight.

Tim Robbins (Erik), Mickey Rooney (Grandpa), Eartha Kitt (Freya), Terry Jones (King Arnulf), Imogen Stubbs (Princess Aud), John Cleese (Halfdan the Black), Antony Sher (Loki), Tim McInnerny (Sven), John Sinclair (Ivar).

Erik the Viking starts out on an almost serious note with some brief character development before shifting to campy comedy. As the story continues things get a bit more interesting while the campy comedy remains persistent. With danger, suspense, adventure, betrayal, and romance the film uses a bit of everything to keep the audience interested. Sadly, it is all laced with campy comedy that doesn't quite hit the mark.

Acting was, well, campy. Robbins wasn't bad but a surprised look seemed to be his main skill. Rooney was unusual as always. The remainder of the cast was mediocre with some hitting the mark well, while others felt green and inexperienced.

Camera work was decent through much of the film yet, the film quality is so poor the film almost appears pixelated in many scenes. CGI was also poor throughout. Creature and other effects were simplistic which actually made them funny. Dialogue was campy for the duration of the film. Sound was somewhat flat, while the soundtrack wasn't half bad.

Overall Erik the Viking is a campy comedy that will likely appeal to those who enjoy British humor. For the rest of us, this will likely feel like a mediocre B-film.

With some mild violence, sensuality, blood, and sci-fi images this should be fine for teens and above.

Released: 1989
Reviewed: 11.7.13
Star rating: 2 out of 5
Genre: Action & Adventure, Comedies, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Adventures, Satires

copyright ©2013 Dave Riedel

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