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Movie review: Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer
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Movie review: Bounty Killer


Twenty years ago corporations took over the world's governments and rebellion took the form of death warrants issued for white-collar criminals. Now, bounty hunters scour the barren landscape killing for cash.

Matthew Marsden (Drifter), Kristanna Loken (Catherine), Christian Pitre (Mary Death), Barak Hardley (Jack), Abraham Benrubi (Jimbo), Gary Busey (Van), Beverly D'Angelo (Lucille), Eve (Mocha Sujata).

Bounty Killer gives us a bit of background before sliding into some mild character development and the storyline at the same time. Following Drifter is almost entertaining but things take a nice turn when Mary shows up. Or, at least the scenery does. As the plot develops things get mildly more interesting with the film wrapping up nicely.

Acting was decent with Marsden doing well and playing nicely with Pitre. Pitre was interesting and brought some color to the film while remaining a bit of a wild card as well. Busey, D'Angelo and the remainder of the supporting cast were decent.

Camera work, sets, and backgrounds were okay with a decidedly post-apocalyptic feel that reminded us of a Mad Max film at times. Physical effects were good while being only mildly unrealistic. Dialogue was necessary but nothing special. Sound and soundtrack were pretty good.

As action adventure flicks go, Bounty Killer probably will not win awards but it is a decent mid-level entry in the genre. Post-apocalyptic action fans will probably enjoy this the most while those wanting a substantial plot might be disappointed.

With plenty of bloody violence, foul language, sexuality, and mild nudity this should be fine for older teens and above.

Released: 2013
Reviewed: 3.10.14
Star rating: 3 out of 5
Genre: Action & Adventure, Independent Movies, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action Thrillers, Crime Action & Adventure

copyright ©2014 Dave Riedel

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