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'Mister Roberts (1955)' Movie Review: Order of the palm

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Mister Roberts (1955)


WWII is winding down. The Germans have surrendered and it's only a matter of time until the Japanese will do the same. Lt. JG Doug Roberts (Henry Fonda) is stuck in the Pacific theater of the war and is aboard a cargo ship. He has seen little action and he feels that if he doesn't get off this ship he will have gone through the entire war without ever firing a shot.

His Captain is a true disciplinarian and doesn't want Roberts going anywhere. Captain Morton (James Cagney) knows he has a good thing with Roberts. The work will get done and the men will not give him a hard time and Morton knows his life will be easy.

Capt. Morton has not granted leave in over a year. Roberts squares it away with Morton that if he gives the crew leave that he will answer every order without any problems. Morton has him where he wants him. Now the Doc (William Powell) and Ens. Pulver (Jack Lemmon) know something is up. Roberts has been trying to get off the ship for a long time and now he does everything the Captain wants. Yeah, they knew something was up.

The crew knew something was up. The whole boat knew something was up but they just thought the wrong thing. They thought that Roberts had given up on them. Far from it, Roberts loved his men. Even Chief Petty Officer Dowdy (Ward Bond) thought Roberts had turned on them.

When the men get leave and then return Roberts was too quick to put people on report. He was not in a good way and when the crew finally realized that Roberts was on their side they went to bat for him. Watch the movie, it is one of the best ever made. It has a great cast and the director is the best at what he does.

Director John Ford put this all together and came up with one of the funniest war movies ever made. It has it's hard moments, remember it is a war movie, but it is one of the funniest. Take the time to watch this movie, enjoy the actors, and the laughs that comes along with it. It is a classic.